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Retirement Financial Planning - FREE Tips To Achieve Financial Freedom

Retirement financial planning simply means that you need to give serious thought to how you're going to raise money to cover your expenses after you have left paid employment and officially retired. And you need to do this way ahead of your retirement year.

Why is this important?

The reason is because the biggest problems most retirees have after they leave active service is the problem of insufficient cash.

Therefore, it is important that all employees take some time to think about how they can achieve financial freedom after retirement.

In simple words . . . retirement financial planning must start early in your career if you want to eventually retire happy.

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The process of preparing for retirement well ahead of the time you wish to retire is called early retirement planning.

What I just stated above is what every reasonable employee should understand.

Unfortunately, while most employees understand the importance of money and even offer free financial advice to fellow employees, many still end up broke within 5 to 7 years after retirement.

Obviously, planning to achieve financial freedom and actually achieving financial independence after retirement are two different things.

Achieve Financial Freedom - The Rhetoric Versus
The Reality

Retirement financial planning means that employees must think and plan in advance in such a way that they achieve financial freedom even after they become retirees.

The philosophy of planning ahead for retirement is actually based on a pretty simple concept.

When retirement professionals and people in general tell you to plan ahead for retirement, they often mean that you should "save for the rainy day".

The "save for the rainy day" concept simply recognizes that at least two things will change in your life after you retire.

1. Your employer whom you love so much (and have spent the last 35 to 40 years working for) will no longer send you a salary at the end of every month as they have done in the last 35 to 40 years and

2. You most likely will end up broke if you don't set aside enough money to cover the expenses you will incur after you retire

Bottom line.

Traditional retirement consultants and well-meaning individuals continually emphasize the importance of saving money for retirement because they have seen hundreds of broke and miserable retirees. And they don't want you to end up that way.

Interestingly, millions of employees all over the world understand this and they even take some time out for a measure of retirement income planning.

Unfortunately, while they understand the value of retirement financial planning, the majority do not actually take the necessary actions to achieve financial freedom after retirement.

The truth is . . . retirement financial planning is serious business.

How well you plan your retirement will eventually determine . . .

1. Whether you will retire early or not

2. Whether you will be able to afford the best retirement locations or not

3. Whether you will be stuck with a ridiculous retirement budget or not

4. Whether you will end up working in retirement (or after retirement)

5. What you eat (and where you can eat) after you retire

6. The amount of fun you can have after you retire

. . . and how long you live (or how soon you die) after you retire.

In simple words . . . the retirement planning advice you listen to and the specific actions you take to plan for retirement will determine what your retirement years will be.

The question is, "Do You Want A Happy Retirement? Do you want to (at the very least) maintain your financial status after retirement?"

If your answer is YES, then you must go beyond the rhetoric and take concrete actions in order to achieve financial freedom after you retire.

Retirement Financial Planning - Creating Wealth
After Retirement

Here is some good news.

With the right retirement financial planning guide, you can actually do more than just save money for retirement and then earn the money back as pension payment after retirement.

Heck, you're a smart employee. You can do much more than that!

By working with the right entrepreneur mentor, you can actually create wealth before and after retirement.

Yes, you can actually retire wealthy if you put your heart to it and actually start preparing for retirement right NOW.

Remember: You must do more than just talk and dream to retire rich. You must take action!

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