Nigeria Retirement Planning Guide - Practical Retirement Income Tips

Learn How To Achieve Financial Freedom
Even After Retirement

This Nigeria retirement planning guide is for proactive employees who desire to retire happy and financially FREE.

Yes, retirement can be fun. But it won't be fun when you're always broke because you're stuck with meagre retirement pension payment.

Retire Rich

Unfortunately, that is exactly the challenge most retirees face right now in Nigeria.

Yes, most retirees in Nigeria are surviving on pension payment that is about one-quarter of what they used to earn when they were in paid employment.

Pause for a moment and think about that.

Can you imagine yourself retiring and then living on a pension payment that is about 25 percent of what you currently earn?

May that never happen to you!

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The Truth About Retirement In Nigeria

The sad state of retirees in Nigeria is appalling.

It is heartbreaking to see really smart men and women who were once "well-to-do" individuals suddenly become broke and poor simply because they are retired.

Don't want to end up like any of those retirees who look miserable because of retirement-induced poverty?

Then it is time to rethink your retirement planning strategy.

The truth is this . . . the conventional retirement planning guide provided by so-called retirement professionals have failed millions of employees in Nigeria.

Retirement Planning - What happens to your after retirement? What next?

Employees who thought they had a solid retirement game plan suddenly discover, after they retire, that their so-called solid game plan was not solid after all.

It suddenly dawns on them after about 5 to 10 years of retirement life that the peculiarities of advanced age and inflation has eroded the value of their retirement savings.

What next?

Of course, many begin to tighten their budget. And as inflation eats further away at the value of their pension payment, many are forced to get online in search of retirement jobs for the elderly.

Yes, many retirees have gone back into the labor market when their meagre pension was no longer able to make ends meet.

This is frustrating! This is disastrous!

A Retirement Planning Guide With A Difference

Proactive employees in Nigeria who understand the challenges of retirement and who desire a better retirement life, seek to do things differently.


Simple. They understand that if they continue to follow the exact same retirement planning guide provided by bureaucrats (the same plans that have failed millions of retirees), they will end up with the same dismal results that many retirees in Nigeria now face.

Retirement Planning Guide

Yes, sticking with conventional retirement planning strategy taught by bookish retirement planning experts (and waiting to change the course of your life after retirement) may lead to financial crisis after retirement.

The good news is this . . . this particular retirement planning guide (, was created with you in mind.

The purpose of this retirement planning guide is to provide you with practical hands-on income generating tips so you can become a financially independent retiree from the 8-5 rat race . . . just like Samson Itoje, the CEO of this retirement planning web site (and the parent company, Erimama Investment Company Limited).

This retirement planning web site teaches proactive employees how to retire wealthy by providing practical . . .

We also provide small business internet software to enable proactive employees start building their own small businesses in their spare time even before it is time to retire.

In addition, this Nigeria retirement planning guide provides practical hands-on business building advice through the retirement books and online entrepreneur courses facilitated by Our CEO, Samson Itoje.

Learn From A Successful Retiree!

One of the problems with conventional retirement planning advice is that they are often given by people who brand themselves as retirement planning experts whereas they are just employees like you simply parroting theories they have read from books.

In contrast, this Nigeria retirement planning web site is powered by Samson Itoje, CEO of Erimama Investment Company Limited.

Samson Itoje is a retiree from the 8-5 rat race in Nigeria . . . and he is loving it!

You see, as a retiree himself, Samson Itoje knows what it feels like to be stuck in the 8-5 rat race.

In fact, our CEO Samson Itoje, worked for 12 solid years with a multinational company with roots in the UK.

Right now Samson Itoje is a successful retiree who is CEO of his own company, Erimama Investment Company Limited.

Yes, Samson Itoje is a successful retiree from the 8-5 rat race in Nigeria. And he can help you become a successful retiree just like himself through the retirement investment planning strategy he teaches.

Guess what.

That is exactly why he provided this Nigeria retirement planning web site to guide more and more Nigerian workers to financial success during and after their working life.

Our CEO, Samson Itoje, wants you to stay financially independent even after retirement . . . just like him.

Therefore, this retirement planning guide provides practical business and real estate investing advice that will help you appropriately save money for retirement and then invest those savings into cash flowing assets that will generate passive income for you now that you're still in paid employment and even after retirement.

The FREE Retirement Planning E-Course

The very first step in rethinking your retirement is to understand how to earn money outside of your paid job.

Rethink Retirement

Once you understand this concept, you will position yourself to attract EXTRA money wherever you are and whatever your age, whether you're still in paid employment or retired.

The 7-day FREE Retirement e-course titled, "Rethink Retirement - 7 Tips To Escape The Rat Race And Retire Happy" provides the training you need to help you attract money NOW as an employee and even after you retire.

The 7-day e-course contains 7 Modules. And each module will be delivered to your email box, one module per day.

Why 7 days?

Simple. This gives you 24hrs to reflect on the information covered in each module and evaluate how you can put it to use.

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