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Sales Leads Software Nigeria

Online sales leads software empowers businesses to attract leads from popular messaging apps like Facebook messenger.

Facebook messenger has about 1.2 billion users worldwide. And most likely thousands (or even millions) of those users are people within the target market for your products or services.

Yes, your potential customers are online . . . in Facebook messenger!

How do you reach these large crowd of potential customers to sell to them?

You simply use a Facebook messenger sales and marketing software.

When you opt to advertise on Facebook messenger using a messenger sales automation software, you give your business an opportunity to have messenger conversations with your leads and customers.

Guess what.

Messenger sales leads software introduces conversational marketing and selling to your business, which build rapport with prospects and results in a higher sales.

Messenger Sales And Marketing Software - The Benefits

What are the benefits of using a messenger marketing software for your lead generation?

The benefits include:

1. It creates database of propects and customers you can re-target for future campaign and sales

2. Instant Replies: The software provides instant replies to prospects and customers' enquiries 24/7, which results in better customer experience and brand loyalty

3. Measurability: Ability to measure ad spend against number of leads generated

4. Lower customer acquisition cost

5. Uses educational marketing to nurture leads until they buy

6. Automatic follow-up with leads

7. Higher conversion rate

8. Higher purchase amount per customer

9. Higher return on ad spend (3 times to 10 times Return On Ad Spend reported)

10. Increased sales and profit

Bottom line.

Integrating a messenger sales leads software with your Facebook advertising strategy results in increased conversion rate and more sales for your business.

Messenger Sales Leads Software Developer Nigeria

So, where do you get messenger sales and marketing software for your business?

Simply contact us.

We are Erimama Investment Company Limited . . . a messenger marketing software developer in Nigeria.

Sales And Marketing Software

We build messenger sales automation software for all sizes and all kinds of businesses in Nigeria.

We are the messenger sales leads software developer of choice in Nigeria.

Want an automatic way to generate leads, segment leads, educate them about your products and services and increase sales?

Simply order our messenger sales and marketing software and attract leads from the over 1.2 billion active users of Facebook Messenger.

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