Real Estate Investing Seminar In Nigeria - LIVE Property Investing Course

We offer real estate investing seminar in Nigeria for individuals concerned about investing for retirement.

Our Nigeria real estate investing course teaches participants how to effectively invest in real estate so as to earn the highest possible return on their investment.

Why should you make attending this Nigeria real estate investing training a priority?

The reason is simple . . . this Nigeria property investing seminar empowers participants to create wealth for themselves through real estate investing.

Here is a fact of life.

Real Estate Investing Seminar Nigeria

Millions of forward thinking individuals understand that "wealth creates more wealth". And that wealth cannot create more wealth by accident.

Wealth creates more wealth when the individual invest his wealth appropriately in assets that grow in value over time.

So, what is that asset that grow consistently in value over time?

Yes, Real Estate!

The real estate investing seminar offered by Erimama Investment Company Limited (the owners of this retirement planning website) teaches participants the best real estate investing strategies in order to safeguard their investment and earn the highest possible return on their investment.

Yes, this real estate investing course will help you create more wealth for yourself!

Real Estate Investing Course - Invest In Your Financial Education

As a proactive employee who earns a regular monthly salary, you understand that a time will come when you will eventually retire because you have reached the mandatory retirement age.

What happens when an employee retires?

Yes, the monthly salary STOPS.

The employer stops paying the employee's salary when he retires.

How then do retirees fund their retirement life when they are no longer earning a monthly salary?

Financially independent retirees fund their retirement life (and pay all their post retirement bills) through the earnings from their retirement investments . . . including their real estate investments.

Here's the sad reality.

Thousands of employees have lost their real estate investments, wholly or partly, due to mistakes made when investing in real estate.

You see, real estate investing is a great way to save large sums of money and grow your money consistently year after year.

However, you will only enjoy the benefits of real estate investing if you invest correctly in real estate.

For example, some individuals have lost their entire property to government demolition exercises because they bought property in locations under government acquisition or locations marked out as committed land by the government.

That is 100% loss of their real estate investments!

That is disastrous!

Other real estate investors did not lose their property investments completely. But they ended up buying property in locations with very low return on investment.

Buying property in areas with low return on investment means that your investment will not grow as fast as it could have if you had been guided by a seasoned real estate consultant.

Bottom line.

The first step to real estate investing success is to invest in yourself. Yes, learn real estate investing!

This real estate investing seminar organised by Erimama Investment Company Limited provides an opportunity for you to learn real estate investing and then become a seasoned real estate investor.

Premium *LIVE* Real Estate Investing Seminar - Get The Knowledge You Need To Invest Profitably In Real Estate!

Nigeria real estate coach, Samson Itoje. Trainer at the property investment seminar

Want to avoid property investing mistakes?

Want to invest profitably in real estate and get high return on your investment?

Then attend this *LIVE* real estate investing seminar hosted by Erimama Investment Company Limited.

Below are details of the training:

Topic: How To Retire Wealthy Through Real Estate Investing

Facilitator: Samson Itoje, CEO Erimama Investment Company Limited

Venue And Course Fee

This property investing seminar is a one-on-one seminar with Samson Itoje, CEO Erimama Investment Company Limited.

The goal of the seminar is to teach participants how to grow their money by 20 times what it is today through strategic real estate investing.

Want to multiply your money by up to 20 times what you currently have?

Then this real estate investing seminar is for you.

We have two options for this training:

OPTION 1: One-on-one training at our office in Igbogbo, Ikorodu Lagos (if you live in Lagos or its environs)

OPTION 2: One-on-one training via Skype (if you live outside Lagos)

Duration: 2hrs

Date: This will be discussed and agreed with the trainee

Training Fee: 9,000 Naira

Facilitator / Trainer: Samson Itoje, CEO Erimama Investment Company Ltd

How do you register?

Simply pay the training fee directly into the company's bank account to register

Call 07086459367 or 08033290430 to get the company's account number and pay for the training.

P.S: The option of coaching via Skype makes it possible to attend the training anywhere you live in Nigeria (and even outside Nigeria). Choose this option if it is more convenient for you.

P.P.S: Can't attend the training? No problem. Just buy the training manual at half the price and read the manual yourself. Then apply the lessons to invest profitably in Nigeria real estate.

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