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This web site provides a lot of free retirement planning tips for proactive employees seeking a financially independent retirement life.

On this retirement planning web site, we often highlight the fact that conventional retirement planning tips offered by many retirement advisors have left a lot of retirees broke and miserable within 5 to 10 years after their retirement.

Consequently, we encourage our readers to rethink their retirement strategy so they do not end up like the millions of broke retirees before them.

What do we mean when we say, "Rethink Your Retirement Strategy"?

It simply means:

1. Do not put all your eggs in one basket

2. Save money for retirement but invest much of what you save into income generating opportunities that can continue to generate income for you even after you retire and

3. Include the retirement strategy used by our CEO, Samson Itoje, when preparing for retirement

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Retirement Strategy - Helping Employees Re-engineer The Way They Think And Plan For Retirement

A large percentage of retirees are smart people.

Therefore, they shouldn't retire and have to live on a pension payment that is less than half of what they use to earn before they retired.

It is as if the system is saying, "Thank you very much for your contribution but your time is up. Take this token, find a cheap place to live and then wait until you die".

Surely, these formerly brilliant employees who are now retirees deserve better than that.

Certainly, many of these retirees are as smart as the founder and CEO of the company they spent their entire life working for, if not smarter.

So, why can they not setup their own company and employ others to work for them while they live wealthier as their businesses grow in sales and profit?

Why can't they retire and transition from the "8-5 slave-labour" into successful founders and CEOs of their own company?

Why must these ex-employees retire and become completely unproductive?

There are a number of reasons for that.

1. Our education system teach students to become employees NOT employers

2. The society implicitly promotes the idea that the only folks who have made it in life are those working for big companies and

3. A good number of retirement advisors do not focus on entrepreneurship when offering retirement planning tips (or retirement strategies) to their course participants

Bottom line.

The society has conditioned majority of people to become employees and nothing else. And when they finally retire, they search for a low cost retirement town to live and then wait for the day death will come calling.

Samson Itoje says, "No! You're smarter than that! You can do better than that!"

That is why he established this retirement planning web site,, to help proactive employees think outside the box, ignite their creativity and become successful founders and CEOs of their own businesses.

When they do, they give themselves the opportunity to retire happy and wealthy.

So, whatever the legion of retirement planning tips you have already been fed with by professional retirement advisors, please add this one to it.

Yes, think entrepreneurship!

Retirement Planning Tips - The Samson Itoje Retirement Strategy

Our CEO, Samson Itoje, was once an employee. He was in the 8-5 rat race for 12 years before he retired to become an employer of labor.

Samson Itoje focused on establishing a business of his own because he understood that the path to unlimited wealth is to be the founder and CEO of a thriving company. Now he is steadily growing his businesses. And those businesses have taken good care of him in the 6 years that he has been a retiree.

So, are you an employee who seeks to retire early like Samson Itoje and become financially independent even after retirement?

Do you want to become a self-made retiree Like Samson Itoje?

Then adopt the same retirement strategy that Samson Itoje used to become financially independent.

Start by taking our Entrepreneur Course.

Thereafter, meditate on what you learn and creatively take decisive action to establish your own business and give yourself a chance to retire wealthy.

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Rethink Retirement

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