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Welcome to the global entrepreneur forum.

Our focus in this forum is to provide free tips and articles to help employees worldwide transition from being employees to employers of labour.

We want to help as many people as possible retire early from the 8am-5pm rat race and become self-made CEOs.

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This is a noble objective because the more self made retirees the world has, the more small businesses each country will have and the greater the number of people with jobs.

The truth is this . . . far too many people worldwide are overwhelmed with the employee mindset.

The employee mindset is like a mind disease that cage would-be inventors!

You see, these potential inventors who are dissatisfied employees complain virtually every day about the horrors of the 8-5 rat race but do absolutely nothing to break free.

They are literally in a mind prison!

Entrepreneur Forum - Unleash Your Potential

Wait a minute.

Why are millions of really smart people, some with very high IQ, stuck in the rat race?

Why do millions of really smart people spend 40 years of their life working for someone who is half as smart as they are?

Simple reason: Most employees worldwide lack the financial education required to break the chains of the employee mindset and set themselves free.

That is the very reason why this entrepreneur forum was established.

Our goal is to provide the financial and motivational education required to propel employees from remaining victims of the system to becoming self made CEOs who take charge of their destiny by taking the necessary actions to break free from the 8-5 drill and become financially independent.

Yes, this small business forum is designed to help you unleash your inventive potential and gradually grow your innovative idea into a thriving business of your own.

Bottom line.

You can become a successful entrepreneur.

You can escape the employee mindset . . . the employee prison . . . and become an employer of labour with a thriving business.

Do not let anyone tell you otherwise!

How This Forum Works

This business forum allows our web site visitors to post entrepreneur questions using the simple form below and get answers from the operators of this web site.

The system is designed such that other visitors to this page can also share their knowledge by commenting on questions and answers provided to shed more light on the issue being discussed.

Visitors can also share entrepreneur articles and their personal business experience using the form below.

Bottom line.

This entrepreneur questions and answers page provides a great opportunity for proactive employees to acquire entrepreneur and financial skills that will empower them to break free from the 8-5 rat race and become self-made CEOs.

So, take advantage of it!

Ask Questions Or Share Your Entrepreneur Experience. It's FREE!

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Questions And Articles Posted By Other Visitors

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Target Setting And Performance Appraisal For Entrepreneurs 
Target setting simply implies defining the set of activities or tasks that an individual or a team seeks to achieve within a given time frame. Defining …

Target Setting For Founders And CEOs 
The previous article in this entrepreneur target setting series highlighted the benefits of target setting and periodic employee performance appraisal. …

Entrepreneurship: Time Management For Entrepreneurs 
One of the biggest challenge employees who transition into entrepreneurship face is the problem of time mis -management (or lack of time management skills). …

Profit Margin Versus Gross Profit Margin - Understanding The Difference 
I recommend that you establish a business that sell products or services with potential for good Gross Profit Margin not just good profit margin. …

The Size of Your Target Market Versus Your Profit 
The size of the target market for the products or services your business sells will have a direct impact on the profit potential of your business. So, …

Product or Service Repeat Purchase Potential And Profitability 
Whatever product or service your business sells, the more you sell the more money you make . And the more money you make, the greater your business profit. …

Entrepreneurship: The Top 5 Priorities of An Entrepreneur 
Entrepreneurship creates new jobs for the entrepreneur and the people he employs to help him achieve his dreams. Entrepreneurship also enables self …

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