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Land For Sale In Lagos Nigeria - List of Investment Land For Sale

We offer land for sale in Lagos Nigeria.

You will find the list of land available for sale in Lagos Nigeria when you scroll down this page.

Click HERE to jump to the list . . . if you're in a hurry.

Here are a few things you need to know before going through that list of land for sale.

The investment land we have for sale are divided into three categories:

Category #1: Investment land with certificate of occupancy

Category #2: Investment land with excision or gazette

Category #3: Investment land with excision under processing

The best land for sale in Nigeria to buy is the land that has a certificate of occupancy (c of o) issued by the state or federal government.

However, this category of land for sale in Lagos (that is, land with C of O) tend to be far more expensive than the other categories of land because this is the most secure land to buy. And the value (or price) of this type of land gets even higher if the land is located within a formal estate managed by a real estate company.

Why do many real estate investors choose to buy land for sale in Lagos with c of o if it is more expensive?

It is because buying this category of land has two key benefits:

1. This type of land has the greatest security and

2. This type of land often deliver this highest return on investment over time

We highly recommend that you buy land for sale in Nigeria with C of O if you can afford it.

Category 2 & 3 Land - Gazette And Excision In Process

Land for sale that is said to have gazette (or excision) is land that has been excised (or released) by the government to the ancestral owners for use as they deem fit.

This type of land are no longer under acquisition by the government.

Therefore, a real estate investor who buys this type of land has bought a safe investment. And he or she can go ahead and process his or her certificate of occupancy with the Lagos state government.

On the other hand, land for sale in Lagos that are said to have "excision in process" means that the village excision is being processed with the Lagos state government. And has an excision file number but the excision is yet to be approved.

It is risky to buy this type of land because if the excision is declined by the state government, the sellers will have to return your money to you. That means you won't benefit from any appreciation in land values in that area.

Why do some investors take the risk of buying land whose title is excision in process?

Simple. It is cheap land.

Land for sale in Lagos with title of excision in process provides an opportunity to buy land at low price and benefit from a massive growth in the value of your investment over time . . . if the request for excision is granted by the Lagos state government.

Below is the list of land for sale in Lagos with the different title documents mentioned above.

Make your choice.

Land For Sale In Lagos With C of O

1. Amen Estate Phase 2

Location: Ibeju Lekki

Title: Global C of O

Price: =N=12 million

Payment in Installment:

6 months: =N=12.5 million; 1year: =N=13 million

2. Urban Base Estate

Location: Bogije, along the Lekki Epe expressway, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos.

Plot Size: 500sqm per plot

Title: Governor's consent

Price: =N=7 million per plot

3. Westwood Park Phase 2

Location: Off Monastery Road, Sangotedo, Ajah Lagos.

Title: Global C of O

Size: 600sqm

Price: =N=14 million

4. Arium Estate

Located: Abijo GRA, Ajah Lekki

Title: C of O

Price: =N=8 million per plot

5. The Summit Place

Location: 6 minutes drive from Dangote Refinery, Osoroko, Ibeju Lekki

Title: Global C of O

Size: 600sqm

Price: =N=5 million per plot

6. Bridgeville Estate Magodo Phase 2

Location: Magodo GRA phase 2

Title: Government allocation

Plot size: 650sqm

Price: =N=40 million per plot

7. Third Mainland Courts

Location: Oworonshoki waterfront, off third mainland bridge

Price: =N=20 million for 400sqm plot and =N=30 million for 600sqm plot

Title: Supreme Court title document

Interested in buying any of the above land for sale?

Fill the simple form below to let us know the land you wish to buy.

P.S: Click HERE for list of land with gazette title document.

P.P.S: Click HERE for list of land with "excision in process" title document.

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