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Retirement Training In Nigeria - Live Seminar. Practical Course.

Attend Anywhere You Live In Nigeria. Learn How To Create Guaranteed Retirement Income.

We offer practical retirement training in Nigeria.

Our retirement planning course focuses on helping employees develop multiple streams of income outside of their paid employment so they can maintain their standard of living (and even earn more money) after retirement.

The reality is this . . . the standard of living of most employees begin to slide downwards within 6 months after retirement.

In fact, most retirees are completely broke within 1 to 2 years after retirement.

Why do most employees (even the really smart ones) who were very creative while working for their employers unable to create wealth for themselves after retirement?

Simple answer: Most people were not taught in school how to make money on their own.

The Nigeria education system teaches students to read, write, pass exams and then search for a company willing to employ them.

Our education system does not teach students how to make money outside of a paid job. And most employees do not attend courses on their own that teach how to create wealth outside of the work environment.

Bottom line.

YOU are most likely to be broke after 1 to 2 years of your retirement if you do not attend practical retirement training that teaches you how to create wealth outside of your paid job.

Therefore, we recommend that you get the human resources department (or personnel department) of your organisation to partner with us to deliver this practical retirement planning training to employees of your organisation who are due for retirement within the next 1 to 10years.

Objectives of The Retirement Course

The objectives of this retirement course include:

  • To help participants understand the challenge of life after retirement
  • To help participants understand the difference between employee and employer mindset
  • To help participants develop the “wealthy people mindset”
  • To help participants understand the secret of wealth creation in practice
  • To help participants understand how to generate income outside of paid employment
  • To expose participants to income opportunities
  • To expose participants to investment opportunities
  • To help participants develop their selling skills
  • To help participants transition from employees to founders & CEOs
  • To help participants develop the foundation required to retire wealthy

For Whom: This retirement training is for company employees who are due for retirement within the next 1 to 10years.

Class Size: Minimum of 10 employees

Duration: 4 to 5 hours

Date: To be agreed with the customer

Course Fee: 15,000 per participant

Topic: Effective Retirement Planning - How To Retire Wealthy

Discount: 20% discount for 30 employees and above

Facilitator: Samson Itoje, CEO Erimama Investment Company Limited and (this retirement planning website)

Retirement Training - The Venue

This retirement training in Nigeria is hosted all over the country and in the premises of companies and organisations who engage us to teach their employees how to prepare for and enjoy a financially successful retirement.

The venue can be the conference hall within the company's premises or one of the conference rooms of the hotel of your choice.

We offer this training to employees all over Nigeria.

Consequently, you do not need to fly your employees to Lagos to attend this retirement planning seminar.

Benefits of Retirement Planning Training To The Company

You may wonder, "Why should my company be concerned whether our ex-employees are financially successful or not?"

There are two key reasons:

First, ex-employees can become valuable ambassadors for the companies they retired from if they have fond memories of the company. And nothing will create a better memory than being financially successful after retirement because of the retirement guidance and training facilitated by the company.

The testimonials of ex-employees can boost the overall sales and fortune of your company in the long-term.

Second, doing whatever the company can to enable ex-employees retire and be financially independent after retirement is a worthy social responsibility cause.

Think about it.

How would the board of directors (and shareholders) feel if there is a sensational media report or documentary that showcases a long list of retirees of your organisation who live in abject poverty?

Embarrassed, right?

What if the media report or documentary reach the conclusion that your company (or organisation) is one of the worst places to work in Nigeria because of the deplorable living conditions of your retirees?

How does that conclusion help your organisation's reputation?

Believe me, it is more cost effective to build a good reputation through appropriate retirement training for employees preparing for retirement than to pay for massive ads later to repair a damaged reputation due to lack of foresight.

Bottom line.

Companies benefit in the long run when they take care of their employees and send them off into the unemployment market with the right guidance and training.

Yes, this is the right and proper thing to do.

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