Real Estate Agent Training In Nigeria - Earn Extra Income As An Independent Realtor

This real estate agent training in Nigeria is for anyone who desires to make money part-time or full-time from the Nigeria real estate industry.

Yes, anyone can participate in this training whether you're a novice who wants to make money as a real estate agent or an existing estate agent looking for ways to become more successful.

The best part is . . . you can take this training anywhere you live in Nigeria, Africa or in the world.

Real Estate Agent Training

This premium real estate consultant training is broadcast from our office in Lagos Nigeria to people living all over Nigeria, Africa and all around the world.

This Nigeria property agent training is designed to empower participants to earn extra income working part-time or full-time as independent real estate consultants for established real estate development companies in Nigeria.

How Does It Work?

So, how does this Nigeria real estate agent training work?

It is pretty simple.

Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download the real estate agent training manual

Step 2: Read the training manual from cover to cover, from beginning to the end.

Step 3: REGISTER as a real estate consultant with our real estate agent network (The FREE registration links are inside the training manual)

Step 4: Contact us to add you to the Real Estate Consultant Group on WhatsApp (Only consultants registered with our estate agent network can become members of this premium Nigeria Real Estate Agent Group)

Step 5: Download the property brochure containing a description of all the estates we sell (plus their prices, titles, and payment plan) from the document section of our real estate consultant group on WhatsApp

Step 6: Start marketing and selling the estates in our agent portfolio using the knowledge you acquired from the real estate agent training manual

Step 7: Collect your sales commission every time you make a sale

Nigeria Realtor Training - The Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of participating in this Nigeria real estate agent training offered by Erimama Investment Company Limited (the owners of this retirement planning website):

1. This Nigeria realtor training teaches you how to become an independent realtor for real estate development companies in Nigeria and the trustworthy companies to partner with in conjunction with Erimama Investment company limited to earn the most money.

2. This real estate agent training manual shows participants how to find real estate clients and close deals anywhere they live in Nigeria

Nigeria Real Estate Coach

3. This realtor training teaches participants how to make money from home (and earn extra income working part-time or full-time) as an independent realtor for real estate development companies based in Nigeria.

4. This realtor training equips participants with the knowledge and skills they need to build a steady passive income real estate business that will enable them live a financially independent lifestyle now (and even retire wealthy)

How Much Can You Earn As A Registered Real Estate Consultant For Nigeria Property Developers?

You may wonder, "How much can I earn from this Nigeria real estate business after participating in the training and becoming a registered consultant for real estate development companies?"

The truth is . . . there is no limitation on how much you can earn.

What you earn from this real estate business opportunity depends entirely on you . . .

  • Your willingness to learn
  • Your willingness to take action and apply what you learn
  • Your creativity and innovation in applying what you're taught in the training manual and
  • Your burning desire and determination to succeed and become a millionaire (or multi-millionaire) from this Nigeria real estate business opportunity

Here are two examples to give you an idea of what you can earn from this business opportunity.

Real Estate Income Example #1:

Plots of land at one of our estate sells for 12 million Naira per plot. And this particular estate pays 10 percent commission per sale.

One particular consultant got a customer who purchased 3 plots from this estate. That is, a total sale amount of 36 million Naira.

This consultant earned 3.6 million Naira from that particular transaction alone.

Real Estate Income Example #2:

A female consultant in our Nigeria real estate agent network earned 5.1 million Naira commission in 2017, her first year in the business.

Guess what.

This same consultant earned 15 million Naira in sales commission in 2018.

Yes, 15 million Naira commission in just 1year!

This is beautiful!

So, can you become a multi millionaire in just one year of joining this business?

Of course!

However, what you actually earn will depend entirely on the actions you take (or fail to take) after participating in this online real estate agent seminar.

DISCLAIMER: The above stated income level by some consultants in our real estate agent network is not typical of what the average estate agent in our network earns.

In fact, the average estate agent makes zero income from this business opportunity because the average person does not know how to sell. And in this business, you earn only when you sell.

Therefore, if you're a good sales person, you're likely to earn millions of Naira per year from this real estate business opportunity.

However, if you're a terrible sales person, you will earn ZERO NAIRA from this Nigeria real estate business opportunity.

REMEMBER . . . Estate Agents are paid for their sales result not their effort (or unproductive activities).

So, do you know how to sell?

Are you good at selling?

If YES, you are likely to make millions of Naira every year from this Nigeria real estate business opportunity.

Download The Real Estate Agent Training Manual RIGHT NOW!

You can take this Nigeria real estate agent training right now WITHOUT STRESS.


Simply download the training manual RIGHT NOW and start reading.

Make this year the year you become a multi millionaire!

What does this real estate agent training manual cost?

The information contained in this real estate agent training manual could earn you millions of Naira every year in sales commission if you make selling a top priority.

Therefore, we could easily sell this trainig manual for 50,000 Naira and it will still be worth it.

However, to get it in the hands of more people so more and more people can get a shot at becoming millionaire real estate agents, we are selling this real estate agent training manual for Just 7,500 Naira.

With just 7,500 Naira you can get access to this Nigeria estate agent training manual (and our Premium Real Estate Agent Network) that could open the door to YOU selling several properties per year and earning 1 million to 15 million Naira per year in sales commissions.

Yes, just one sale could make you a millionaire!

FREE Bonus - Get The First Module FREE!

The real estate training manual contains 8 modules of real estate coaching information.

Guess what.

We are giving you Module 1 of this Nigeria Real Estate Aagent Training completely FREE to help you appreciate how powerful this training is and how it can change your financial destiny.

How do you get access to download module 1 of this training manual?

Fill the simple form below and CLICK the submit button.

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