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Network Marketing Business Opportunity - Introduction To MLM Business

Network marketing business opportunity is a small business opportunity whereby individuals and organisations are invited by a specific network marketing company to promote its products or services for a share of the revenue from the sales of the products or services.

In this sense, network marketing companies are like affiliate marketing companies who invite affiliates to promote their products or services for a share of the revenue generated by their marketing activities.

However, there is a significant difference between a network marketing business opportunity and an affiliate marketing opportunity.

One key difference is that while most affiliate programs pay affiliates in one or two levels (that is, 1st level and 2nd level commission) network marketing companies pay network marketing distributors in multiple levels, way beyond two levels of commission.

That is why network marketing business is also called multi level marketing business (or mlm business).

In addition, network marketing companies also offer their distributors incentives such as . . .

  • Matching bonus
  • Rank advancement bonus
  • All-expensive paid trips overseas
  • Car awards

. . . and many more.

All of this make the network marketing business opportunity far more appealing to network marketing prospects than the regular affiliate marketing programs.

Benefits of Network Marketing Business Opportunity

Network marketing business opportunity (also called mlm business opportunity) has the following key benefits:

1. Zero Manufacturing cost: Partnering with a network marketing company means that you will be promoting the products of the company. This saves you the trouble of having to invest in production machinery. Therefore, you can start your business immediately.

2. Low startup cost: Most mlm business opportunities can be started with less than $100

3. Low inventory requirement: No requirement to have a warehouse to stock company products before you can become a network marketing distributor. And you can become a distributor simply by registering and buying one or two packs of products.

4. Opportunity to work from home: A substantial number of network marketing opportunities are home based network marketing opportunities. This means you do not need to rent an office space to become an mlm distributor. You can build your mlm business working at home.

5. Mobile Internet Business: Mlm business opportunities that allows you to work from home also affords you an opportunity to take your business with you anywhere you go because they are usually internet based network marketing business opportunities

6. Multinational business opportunity: MLM business opportunities grow pretty fast because of the potential of quick wealth. Consequently, the major network marketing companies are usually multinational business opportunities with operations in 20 or more countries.

Therefore, when you become a network marketing distributor, you empower yourself to have business partners and clients in the tens of countries where the mlm company you represent operate.

Yes, mlm business opportunities set you up to have a true multinational business operations without the heavy setup, staffing and maintenance costs.

7. Working with the best network marketing opportunity can be a solid retirement planning strategy because the best mlm business opportunity focuses on long-term growth. And the company compensation plan and remuneration structure is built around the legal guidelines approved by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

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Problems Associated With Network Marketing

The network marketing business model is a great business concept.

Unfortunately, many mlm companies are short-sighted and focused on growing fast and generating quick profits instead of focusing on long-term growth.

Consequently, the directors of these short-sighted mlm companies implement compensation plans and operational procedures that end up labeling them as illegal pyramid schemes. Hence, they end up being shutdown by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Bottom line.

The majority of network marketing companies get shutdown by regulatory authorities within 10 to 15 years of their launch because they are actually illegal pyramid schemes masquerading as legitimate network marketing companies.

Therefore, if you're considering joining a network marketing business opportunity as a retirement planning strategy, you must take time out to evaluate the particular mlm business opportunity you wish to join to ensure it operates within the network marketing legal guidelines approved by the FTC (or the consumer protection agency in your country).

Otherwise, you will lose your network marketing passive income system and your dream of retiring wealthy when the mlm company you're promoting is shutdown by the FTC.

Therefore, ensure the ask the right mlm questions before joining.

For example, this retirement planning guide recommends joining a particular real estate mlm opportunity because it meets all the criteria of a genuine network marketing company. And it works within the legal mlm rules to ensure participants build a true passive income they can retire on.

Retirement planning is serious business.

Therefore, do not waste your time and money in get-rich-quick pyramid schemes parading as legitimate mlm business opportunities.

Join a true network marketing business opportunity and avoid the risk of having your mlm company getting shutdown by the FTC.

Yes, you can retire wealthy through mlm business opportunity if you choose right and, thereafter work smart to grow your network marketing business.

Click HERE to review the real estate mlm opportunity we recommend and then draw your own conclusions.

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