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This retirement forum provides retirement planning help and support for employees preparing for retirement.

The purpose of this forum is to help proactive employees appreciate the challenges of retirement life and make appropriate plans to prepare for retirement.

Why spend so much time and effort on retirement planning?

The reason is pretty obvious: People who fail to prepare adequately for retirement end up having a miserable life after retirement.

Yes, as the popular saying goes, "If you fail to plan, then you have planned to fail".

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The Retirement Question And Answer Forum - How It Works

So, how does this retirement planning help forum work?

It is simple and straight forward.

You simply type in your retirement question using the form below and then click the "Submit question" button.

Once the site admin approves your question, the question will appear on this web site and you will then get answers from those who know the answer to your question.

In simple words . . . this retirement forum is focused on staying on topic and ensuring that only meaningful questions appear on this premium retirement planning web site.

So, think through your retirement related question before you post it so you can get the best answers possible from forum members.

Retirement Planning Help - Editorial Guidelines

Please follow the guidelines below when posting your question or any retirement article on this premium web site.

1. Post only questions related to retirement using the form below. If your question is related to entrepreneurship or business, post it in the entrepreneur forum

2. Provide some details along with the question you're asking, the experience you wish to share or the article you wish to post. Your post must be at least 400 words long

3. Do NOT add any link to your question or article. If you do, the system will flag it as spam and it will not appear on this site

4. The experience, article, comments or question you wish to post must be original. It must not be something copied from another web site. Our system automatically detects copied content and it will be flagged as spam. So, it will not appear on this site.

5. Do not add any html code (e.g. for bold, headline etc) to your article. If you do, it will be flagged as spam and it will not appear on this web site.

Ready to ask your question or share your experience?

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Questions And Articles Posted By Other Visitors

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One of the biggest challenge employees face (without realising it) is what I call the Employee Mindset Disease. What kind of disease is this? …

Employer Versus Employee Mindset - One Simple Change That Can Make You Wealthy Not rated yet
There is a huge difference between an employer and an employee. There is a fundamental difference between someone who will turn out to be an employer …

The 8 to 5 Rat Race - Pros And Cons Not rated yet
Paid employment is often referred to as "the 8 to 5 rat race" in many circles. And this retirement planning web site also uses the same, somewhat derogatory, …

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