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Get FREE Tips To Help You Maintain Your Financial Independence Even After Retirement

This free entrepreneur guide is focused on helping employees in Nigeria maintain their financial independence even after they retire.

In fact, this is the core purpose of this Entrepreneur Magazine: Training Nigeria employees to maintain (and even exceed) their current level of income through entrepreneurship . . . and even after they retire.

Wait. Why is it essential to train employees to have multiple sources of income outside of their paid employment?

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The simple reason is because of the reality of life after retirement.

You see, the author of this retirement planning web site, Samson Itoje, is a retiree himself. And he understands first-hand the problems employees face after retirement.

That is the very reason why he created the free Entrepreneur Guide Magazine to address this problem.

Life After Retirement In Nigeria

The biggest problem employees in Nigeria face after retirement is a massive decline in their monthly earnings.

In fact, the monthly pension payment many Nigeria employees receive after they retire is sometimes about one-quarter of what they use to earn while they were in paid employment.

How does a full-grown man or woman survive on one-quarter of what he or she use to earn?

Simple. By cutting down on many things they use to do (or enjoy) while they were in paid employment.

Now pause and think about that.

Would you like to be in a position where you're unable to do many of the things you currently do (and love to do) after you retire because you're living from small-pay-check to small-pay-check?

Would you like to retire and then be stuck on a single income, your meagre monthly pension payment, that cannot make ends meet?

Of course, not!

So, how do you ensure that you do not suffer the same fate as millions of retirees all over Nigeria who have moved from being middle-class citizens to being poor citizens simply because they retired?

The solution is to understand how to create wealth outside of your paid employment. And you must begin to create that wealth even before you retire, if you do not want to become like fish out of water after you retire.

I guess now you understand why the mission of this Nigeria free Entrepreneur Guide is absolutely important.

The goal of this Entrepreneur Magazine is to help as many employees as possible acquire the skill-set they need to become entrepreneurs and create wealth outside of their paid employment.

When employees are empowered to make money outside of their paid job, they can maintain their financial status (and even grow their earnings) after retirement.

The Entrepreneur Guide Principle: Money Make Things Happen

The truth is . . . money make things happen.

A good number of employees often dream of how they will travel the world after they retire. 

Many dream about enjoying lovely cruises to far away exotic islands where they can lose themselves in unbridled pleasure without a care in the world.

Well, dreaming is cheap. But many retirees who use to have those dreams suddenly realize that those dreams cannot become reality without sufficient cash.

Yes, money makes things happen!

Money makes the world go round!

That is the very reason why this premium free online Entrepreneur Magazine teaches employees to take their destiny into their hands by creating the future they desire through entrepreneurship.

Learn From A Seasoned Retiree In Nigeria

The author of this Nigeria retirement planning website (and the online Entrepreneur Guide Magazine), Samson Itoje, retired from paid employment 8 years ago.

Yet, as a retiree with no pension payment, he drives a bigger car and own more real estate investment than he did when he was in paid employment.

Wait. How is that possible?

Through business. Through entrepreneurship.

Samson Itoje is retired from paid employment. Now his business pays all his bills PLUS provides the cash to keep acquiring more properties and investing to create even more wealth.

Yes, wealth creates more wealth if you understand how to make it happen and take the ACTIONS necessary to make it happen.

Entrepreneur Guide

The big question is: Do you wish to be broke when you're retired or wish to maintain your financial status (and even grow your income) after retirement?

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