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Investment Financial Planning - Top 2 Ways To Create Retirement Wealth

Investment financial planning involves taking time out to think through how you're going to build enough investment portfolio to finance your retirement life. And then writing down those plans and the associated timelines to ensure you follow through.

Why is this sort of planning important?

Financial planning for investment is absolutely important because a financially free retirement does not happen by accident.

In simple words . . . if you want to enjoy financial independence after retirement, you must take specific action steps while still in paid employment to make that possible.

Yes, "wealth creates more wealth". But wealth does not create more wealth by accident.

What you do with your earnings from your day job and the capital you have access to is what will create more wealth for you.

That is why investment financial planning is so important.

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Investment Financial Planning - The Process

So, how do you implement financial planning for investment?

There are three steps in this process:

Step #1: Identify the investment opportunities that will ensure you retire wealthy

Step #2: Determine how to raise sufficient capital to invest in these worthy investment opportunities and

Step #3: Start investing right away in these investment opportunities to build massive retirement wealth for yourself

The process of laying out appropriate retirement investment opportunities, determining financing options and executing your retirement investment strategy is called investment financial planning.

Top 2 Retirement Investment Opportunities

What types of investment opportunities are guaranteed to help the average employee retire wealthy?

They are:

1. Mutual funds investment and

2. Real estate investment

Why do we choose these two as the best investment opportunities for the average employee?

Simple. It is because employees do not need to be super savvy to invest in these two investment opportunities.

For example, speaking with a couple of financial advisors will help you quickly identify the mutual funds in your country that deliver average of 10 to 15 percent return on investment year on year.

Thereafter, all you have to do is choose the best mutual funds of the options presented to you and then put in more money into the fund year after year. And then sit back and watch your money grow.

For instance, if you place your money in a mutual fund with average of 12 percent return on your investment year on year, your investment will grow by about 7 times the initial value in 15years.

What if you decide to invest in real estate instead?

Well, with real estate investment, the year on year return on your investment can be anywhere between 20 to 30 percent, which is much higher than what you can get from any mutual fund.

Therefore, this retirement planning guide encourages every employee to include real estate investing as part of their investment for retirement plans.

Let's take a moment to review how real estate investing can make you wealthy . . . much wealthier than investing in a mutual fund.

Suppose you invest in real estate in a state where the return on investment is 20 percent per year.

If you invest in a property and hold that property for 15years, the value of the property will have grown by about 28 times its value.

That means a property you bought for $100,000 would have grown to about $2.8 million in just 15years.

Similarly, a property you bought for $1 million would have grown to $28 million in 15years.

Bottom line.

Investing in real estate is by far the simplest way to grow your money.

Therefore, take advantage of the real estate investing opportunity we offer in order to retire wealthy.

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