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Rethinking retirement now that you're still in paid employment is critical to living a happy and fulfilled life after retirement.

Why do I say so?

The reason is because you're not the first person to retire from paid employment.

Millions of people who were once young, agile and gainfully employment are now retired, old and broke.

So, if you do not wish to end up the same way they did, then rethinking retirement strategies you're currently involved with would be the smart thing to do.

Guess what.

That is exactly why I designed this 7-day FREE Retirement Rescue E-course.

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Rethinking Retirement - First, Understand
The Problem

The first step in solving any problem is to understand it.

If you understand what the problem is, then you can successful develop a solution.

So, what is the problem with core conventional retirement plans sold by many retirement professionals and big corporations? And why is rethinking retirement in the terms offered by these corporations the smart thing to do?

Let's start with the problem with the retirement solutions offered by many financial corporations.

Most financial retirement planning corporations focus on helping employees save as much money as possible into their retirement savings account while still in paid employment. The plan is for these employees to be able to withdraw these savings on a monthly basis (as pension payment) after they retire.

Retirement advisors encourage retirees to draw up a retirement budget after they retire and then ensure they live within that budget so they don't end up in debt they cannot afford to pay.

Rethinking Retirement

This all sounds great on paper but fails to measure up with real-life experiences of people in general. And that is why rethinking retirement advisors guidelines is essential to achieving financial freedom after retirement.

So, what are the real-life issues with this plan?

First, on average, a retiree will be allowed to withdraw about 4% per annum from his retirement savings account. Divide that by 12 and you will get the amount the retiree will receive monthly.

Guess what.

The monthly pension payment of many retirees comes down to about 25% (or one-quarter) of what they use to earn monthly while still in paid employment.

Now the big question: Since about 50 percent of employees (more or less) get broke before the next pay day, how can these same employees live with an amount which is about one-quarter (or even half) of what they use to earn while in paid employment?

Difficult, right?

The second problem is this: "The value of money tends to depreciate over time".

In fact, in some parts of the world, the value of their currently have depreciated by over 200 percent in the last 3 years.

People are suddenly realizing that the money they now have is only able to buy half of what it use to buy. In some instances, even one-third of what it used to buy.

What impact would this have on retirees with a fixed monthly pension payment?

Sure, they will suddenly find that they're broke.

Yes, millions of retirees have moved from being middle-class citizens to poor citizens simply because they're retired.

This is terrible!

Now pause and think about it.

Do you really want to end up broke and desperate like the millions of retirees before you after you retire?

If your answer is NO, then rethinking your retirement is the smart thing to do.

Retirement Rescue Mission - Achieve Financial Independence After Retirement!

You need to take proactive steps right now if you do not want to become retired and broke in the near future.

Instead of retiring broke and desperate, I recommend you adopt a retirement planning strategy that empowers you to achieve financial independence even after you retire.

Rethinking Retirement

But that is not going to happen by accident. You need to take specific action. You need to do things different to get a different result.

The first step in achieving financial security after retirement is to take the FREE 7-day Retirement E-course, "Rethink Retirement - 7 Tips To Escape The Rat Race And Achieve Financial Freedom".

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