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Retirement Life - The Truth About Life After Retirement

Retirement life can be fun.

Life after retirement provides you opportunity to do all of the things you have always wanted to do but which you didn't have time to do because you were stuck in the daily grind of the 8 to 5 rat race.

For example, as a retiree, you have lots of time at your disposal.

  • You can choose to watch TV all day
  • Travel the world and see beautiful, exotic places
  • Learn a new hobby
  • Spend more time with your kids or grand kids
  • Spend more time with your friends

. . . and generally just do whatever you damn please with your time.

Yes, retirement life can be fun!

Unfortunately, millions of retirees worldwide are not having as much fun as they expected they would have when they were planning for retirement.


The reason is because life after retirement has some unique challenges that shock many retirees.

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Life After Retirement Problem #1: Money Problems

As mentioned above, many employees dream of travelling round the world and having so much fun after they retire from paid employment. And that is a beautiful, deeply satisfying dream.

In reality, most employees do not put in place the level of retirement investment plans that will generate the level of retirement income they need to execute all the things they dream of doing during their retirement life.

Consequently, millions of retirees worldwide are shocked to discover that the only source of income they have after retirement is their pension payment, which may be only about one-quarter or one-third of what they used to earn when they were in paid employment.

In addition to earning far less during their retirement years, many retirees are plagued with ill-health as they grow older.

Unfortunately, many countries do not have comprehensive health insurance for the elderly.

Therefore, many retirees are forced to depend on relatives. And when you depend on others to help you solve your money problems after retirement, they eventually attempt to take away your freedom.

It gets even worse.

Thousands of retirees worldwide end up on the streets . . . homeless.

Bottom line.

You will end up with financial crisis after retirement if you do not execute a retirement financial planning strategy that allows you to continue to earn extra income after retirement.

That is the very reason why we created this retirement planning guide to help you with your retirement financial planning so you can establish a retirement income planning strategy that empowers you to keep earning money even after you're retired from your 8 to 5 day job.

Retirement Problem #2: Unproductive Retirement Life

We are amazed to see so many smart people retire from paid employment and become completely unproductive.

In fact, retirement life takes a toll on everyone including senior level executives and once popular directors of multinational companies.

Many of them retire and you rarely hear of them again. Retirement life seem to confine them into oblivion.

Yes, you can dream of watching TV all day after you retire. But watching TV all day won't make you enjoy a happy life after retirement.

You may dream of hanging around your friends (or grand kids) all day after retirement but that too can get boring after a couple of years.

Guess what.

What makes people truly happy is . . .

1. A sense of productivity and

2. The feeling that you're adding value to society

Sadly, many once active and super productive ex employees of national and multinational companies become so unproductive after retirement that they begin to feel they are a burden to society.

In fact, many even contemplate suicide.

May that never happen to you!

Want to retire happy?

Stay productive after retirement by participating in small business investing while still in paid employment.

When you do that you create jobs and truly add value to society.

In addition, when you become the founder and CEO of a productive and profitable company, all the money problems associated with retirement life will disappear as your self-created company will pay you salary for life.

Yes, this is the path to guaranteed retirement income!

More important, you will have enough funds at your disposal after retirement to support whatever charity (or cause) you care about and stay productive, happy and deeply satisfied all your life.

Yes, life after retirement can bring you true fulfillment and satisfaction. But you must invest right while still in paid employment to experience that kind of life.

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