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Income Disclaimer - Understand Our Responsibilities And Yours

This income disclaimer page is provided to help you understand what we do on this retirement planning web site as well as what our responsibilities are and what yours is.

For the avoidance of doubt, this web site ( provides information based on the thoughts, perceptions, and corporate and business experiences of the author, Samson Itoje.

The information provided on this web site is provided for educational purposes only. Each individual is responsible for his or her own decisions.

Whatever decisions you take based on the information on this web site is solely your responsibility.

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As you read the pages of this web site, read any of the books sold on this web site or take any of the e-courses promoted on this web site, always remember that the author simply shares his views and perceptions about business and entrepreneurship.

As a businessman, Samson Itoje, is not perfect. Yes, he has made his fair share of mistakes and have striven to learn from them.

However, he is a businessman who was once in paid employment but chose to retire early to focus on his passion . . . entrepreneurship.

In the 6 years Samson Itoje has been out of paid employment and in business for himself, he has been able to pay all his bills without going into debt. Yes, his businesses have enabled him to achieve financial independence even as a retiree.

As a practicing entrepreneur, Samson Itoje has acquired a lot of business experience along the way, the DOS and the DON'Ts. And he shares that business experience with visitors to this retirement planning web site as well as through his books, entrepreneur courses and through the Entrepreneur Magazine he publishes on a weekly basis.

Nevertheless, Samson Itoje encourages his readers and subscribers to do their own personal research as they are responsible for their own decisions, right or wrong, good or bad.

We Do Not Promote Get Rich Quick Schemes

Success in business requires hard work, creativity, leadership, patience and persistence. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you.

Entrepreneurship is beautiful when you're successful. But there is no easy road to success. And, more importantly, there is no guarantee of success.

In reality, the failure rate among entrepreneurs is very high. It is much easier to get a job cleaning floors in a restaurant than being successful with business.

Consequently, we do not promote Get-Rich-Quick schemes because there is no quick (or easy) way to get rich.

Nevertheless, if you are ready to take on the challenge, be humble enough to learn from a successful entrepreneur as a mentee and apply what you have learned effectively, you’re likely to increase your chance at achieving financial freedom through entrepreneurship.

Remember: There are NO GUARANTEES as each individual’s skill-set and creativity is different.

A few may succeed with business and retire wealthy. But the majority will eventually fail.

That is the reality of entrepreneurship.

A Millionaire? A Billionaire? Really?

Please be informed that any references made to . . .

  • possible earnings
  • earnings potential
  • potential earnings
  • estimated earnings or

the ability or potential to become . . .

  • A millionaire
  • A Multi-millionaire
  • A Billionaire or
  • A Multi-billionaire

. . . is simply for illustrative purposes.

Most people on planet earth today may never earn as much as one billion U.S. dollars (or even one million U.S. dollars) all their life.

Having said that, it will be self-defeating not to attempt to create a business that could set you financially FREE now and after retirement, even though there is always the risk of making zero income or even getting into debt when you launch a business of your own.

Again, remember, there are NO GUARANTEES in business.

Entrepreneurship is only for people willing to take calculated risk because they crave the time and financial independence possible with establishing a business of their own.

However, if you crave the freedom associated with having a successful business but you're too afraid to lose money, then entrepreneurship is not for you.

This Is Not Financial Or Legal Advice!

The author of this web site, Samson Itoje, is not an accredited financial advisor. Neither is he a licensed attorney.

Therefore, do not take any of the views expressed on this web site, in any of his books or any of his e-courses as financial advice or legal advice.

This web site does not constitute legal or financial advice.

Talk to your attorney if you need legal advice.

Talk to an accredited accountant or financial consultant if you need financial advice.

This web site merely shares Samson Itoje's perspective on business based on his experience as a businessman.

Whatever decisions you make after reading this retirement planning information web site (or any of the books, e-courses, videos or audio programs provided by Samson Itoje) is yours not that of Samson Itoje or anyone else.

Do your research and make the right decisions.

It is your responsibility!

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