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My name is Samson Itoje.

I am the author and CEO of . . .

  • (this retirement planning website)
  • (my portable cabins manufacture business) and
  • (my real estate business)

I am also the founder and CEO of Erimama Investment Company Limited, the parent company that oversees and manages all my business endeavours.

Samson Itoje - My Self Made Retiree Journey

How did I become a self made retiree?

How did I become self employed?

I started like most people in this generation (and the generation before this) who went to a formal school.

Samson Itoje Retirement Planning Coach Nigeria

I graduated from the University looking for a job like everyone else before me.

Fortunately, I eventually got a managerial job with a multinational company with roots in the UK.

I worked for 12years with this multinational company. And then one day, I lost my job.

What happened?

The company I worked for was restructuring.

In the process, tens of jobs were cut. And my job was one of those affected.

They paid me off and I left excited.

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I Lost My 8-5 Day Job! But I Was Prepared!

Why was I excited when I lost my day job?

Simple. I prepared for it.

Let me explain.

Samson Itoje

When I was in paid employment, I had one burning question constantly on my mind.

I always asked myself the question, "How will I make money to pay all of my expenses when this job is no more?"

"How will I pay my bills when my employer stops paying my salary?"

"How will I pay my bills after I retire?"

I knew retirement will come someday.

I knew I will either be compelled to retire when I reach the mandatory retirement age or be forced out of my job if another company acquires my employer's company or if my employer run into financial difficulties and decide to restructure.

Consequently, I kept on exploring ways to make money outside my paid job.

First, I launched a company school while still in paid employment. That first business turned out to be unprofitable for me.

Second, I launched an internet cafee to augment the school. That too proved unprofitable.

Third, I launched a web hosting business. That also was unprofitable.

Losing my hard earned money in the above three businesses was very disheartening.

However, those business failures showed me three ways not to invest in the future. And prepared me for the business success that was sure to come if I didn't give up.

My mission was clear as crystal: "I must find a way to make money outside of my 8 to 5 day job before retirement comes. Otherwise, I would lose my financial independence after retirement".

I searched and searched . . . looking for a low cost business I could do in my spare time (and make money from) while still fully dedicated to my employer (Yes, my employer was still paying my bills so I had to be fully dedicated and committed to giving her value for the salary she was paying me).

People say that "when you work hard at a genuine course (and persist in working hard to achieve success in your chosen course of life), the universe will conspire to make you successful in that course of life . . . if you refuse to quit".

That proved to be true in my case.

My God saw my heart. He saw my love for entrepreneurship. And he nudged me in the right direction.

Consequently, I found an online business software that provided the online business guidance, process and software tools I needed to establish my own successful online business.

Guess what.

By the time I received my retrenchment letter from my employer, my online business was on solid footing.

My payoff package therefore provided the capital I needed to grow my business.

No wonder I was excited when I lost my day job!

Launch Your Own Self Made Retirement Planning Strategy

I was once in paid employment working tirelessly in the 8 to 5 rat race . . . loyally serving my employer.

But now I am a self made retiree who teaches smart employees how to create wealth for themselves outside of their paid job.

I encourage you to learn from my experience.

Retirement will come someday whether you plan for it or not.

You will either be compelled to retire when you reach the mandatory retirement age or you could lose your day job (and the salary that comes with it) when another company acquires your company or when your employer restructures and makes your job redundant.

Bottom line.

A time will come in your life when your salary will stop coming.

What happens then?

If the only source of income you have is the salary from your day job, you will suddenly crash from being a middle class employee to a dead broke retiree.

Don't want that to happen to you?

Then you have to implement what I call a self made retirement planning strategy.

What is self made retirement planning strategy?

It simply means a retirement planning strategy whereby YOU do not depend on the government or your employer to dictate your retirement plans.

You take the bull by the horn and plan your retirement strategy yourself.

That is the very reason why I created this retirement planning guide . . . this premium retirement planning web site.

As a self made retirement planning coach, I created this retirement planning web site to teach proactive employees how to create wealth for themselves outside of their paid job.

Consequently, this retirement planning guide teaches proactive employees how to make money through . . .

I also provide . . .

I provide all of these services through my company, Erimama Investment Company Limited.

The goal is to teach proactive employees real estate investing and self employment strategies that will empower them to become seasoned real estate investors and founders and CEOs of their own small businesses.

The truth is . . . no matter how rich you look today because of the lucrative salary you earn from your day job, that salary will stop someday.

When that salary stops and you have no other source of income besides the salary, you will quickly depreciate and become dangerously broke.

Yes, I have seen a lot of people who "used to be rich" because they had a good job but that are now deep in poverty because they are now retired.

Don't become like one of them.

Instead, invest your salary wisely in real estate to get returns as high as 25 times your initial investment capital.

Also invest wisely in small business to ensure you get
guaranteed retirement income month after month to fund your retirement life.

I wish you success in your journey to become a self made retiree.

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