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Small Business Investing - Why Entrepreneurship Is The Best Retirement Plan

We highly recommend small business investing for proactive employees who desire financial independence after retirement.

Why is this one of our top recommendation?

The reason is simple: when you start up a small business that manufactures or sell products and services that add value to society, the business generates ongoing revenue and profit month after month . . . and year after year.

If you, as founder and CEO of the small business, focus on continuously improving . . .

  • Product quality
  • Customer satisfaction and
  • Sales and profit growth

. . . a time will eventually come when the business starts making so much money that you no longer need the salary from your 8-5 day job.

In simple words . . . small business investing has the potential to transform you from being an employee living from pay-cheque-to-pay-cheque into an employer of labour who satisfy the needs of thousands of customers nationally or globally.

Guess what.

The greater the number of satisfied customers your business has, the greater your business profit and the wealthier you become.

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Top 5 Benefits of Investing In A Small Business

From the above it is obvious that getting more and more employees to invest in a small business as part of their retirement planning strategy accomplishes three objectives.

First, starting a side business while still in paid employment helps to add value to society by contributing to meeting the needs of society, especially if the small business offers quality products with good after sales service to customers.

Second, employees who start a side business create jobs for the people who help them run the side businesses during the period when they are still in paid employment and so can't participating 100 percent in running the business.

Third, if the side business turns profit, it provides a way for you to earn extra income to supplement the salary from your day job.

Fourth, with a side business of your own running while still in paid employment, you have an income generating business to retire to whenever you decide to retire from your day job (or if you're forced to retire early).

Fifth, you can be assured of a retirement life with financial independence because the small business investing you devoted your salary to while in paid employment will continue to generate income for you for as long as you live.

That is retirement income for life!

Small Business Investing Risk

Since investing in a small business as recommended by this retirement planning guide has so much benefits, why aren't more employees investing in starting a small business as part of their retirement plans?

The reason is because small business investing involves taking on a significant amount of risk.

For example, the friend of a friend invested a significant amount of his money in a supermarket business and lost more than half of his startup capital within a year of starting and running the business.

The business failure experienced by the person mentioned above is not isolated.

In fact, more than 60 percent of small businesses fail within 2 to 5years of their startup.

That failure rate is extremely high!

The high failure rate of entrepreneurs is the very reason why billions of people worldwide prefer to simply get a job and stick with the job for 35 to 40years.

Unfortunately, while getting a job with steady monthly salary and benefits sounds like a secure path, it is only secure for 35 to 40years.

What happens when employees retire after 35 to 40years of working for their employers?

Well, they're back to not having a job and a secure salary.

In reality, that means they will become broke and miserable within 5 to 10years after their retirement.

Guess what happens when poverty and hunger stares these retired and old ex-employees in the eyes?

Most resort to working in retirement. And often, especially in my country with no social programs for old people, many of these retirees returning to the labour market end up with menial jobs like security guards (or gate men).

Pause and think about that.

Hundreds of smart University graduates (many with multiple degrees) are working as gate men, janitors or errand men after their retirement (or in their old age) simply because they were too afraid to venture into small business investing during the time they had lucrative jobs, capital at their disposal, and youth on their side.

That failure to start up a small business during youth has often led to hundreds (even thousands) of really smart employees becoming menial workers in their old age.

This is the disaster that our formal education system has unleashed on our otherwise intelligent employees!

You Can Become A Successful Entrepreneur Despite The Risks

This retirement planning guide boldly assures you that, "You can successfully transition from a smart and creative employee into a successful self-made founder and CEO of your own highly profitable corporation despite the challenges that will cross your path".

Yes, there will be challenges.

Yes, you risk losing all of your investment capital, especially during your first attempt at starting your own business.

However, small business success eventually becomes the lot of entrepreneurs who learn from their investment mistakes and resolve to never give up on their dreams.

What do you need to start and run a profitable small or medium size business?

1. Do proper business research to find your dream small business startup idea and how to earn extra income from this business even while still in paid employment.

2. Understand the definition of the best small businesses to start

3. Incorporate your small business

4. "Bite the bullet". Be bold enough to launch your small business. Do not procrastinate.

5. Understand small business tax as it relates to your business and be on the right side of the law

6. Research government small business loans available in your country and how you can take advantage of them

7. Understand how getting a small business loan can help you grow your business

8. Understand how small business online advertising works and how you can use it to grow your business

Bottom line.

A wonderful . . . and financial free retirement . . . awaits employees who dare to take calculated risks and include small business investing as part of their retirement planning strategy.

Smart and proactive employees who conquer their fear of failure and invest creatively in a small business gives themselves an opportunity to build a system that sends money into their bank account month after month even after retirement.

That is the sure path to guaranteed retirement income!

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