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We offer retirement courses in Nigeria for proactive employees. These proactive employees are keen on maintaining their financial status after they retire.

Proactive employees understand the financial crisis that millions of retirees in Nigeria face. And they do not want that kind of cash-starved, pension-dependent, poverty-stricken future for themselves.

We prepare these proactive employees to become income earners even after their official retirement from paid employment.

How do we do that?

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Simple. By offering them entrepreneur training that empowers them to create wealth outside of their paid employment before and after retirement.

Our retirement courses in Nigeria are tailored towards helping workers transition from being employees who live from pay-check to pay-check to become founder and CEO of their own companies built from scratch.

The Biggest Challenge Employees In Nigeria Face

The biggest challenge employees in Nigeria face is the fact that majority of them do not know how to make money outside of their paid employment. And this problem is not limited only to low level employees.

In fact, there are many instances where even retired senior level managers (as well as directors) suddenly feel like fish out of water after they retire.

Yes, these senior level executives may have been great at managing an already established company with great brands, but they suck when it comes to creating products (and brands) from scratch in a startup company and taking them to profitability.

Retirement Planning Courses Nigeria

Consequently, the majority of these formerly brilliant employees end up retired and broke once they live paid employment.

Yes, they get to receive monthly pension payment based on the amount in their pension savings account. But that is usually insufficient to maintain the standard of living they had when they were still in active service and earning jumbo pay every month.

If you doubt what I say, just take a quick look at the retirees around your neighborhood . . . executives you were well-acquainted with when they were still in paid employment.

What do you notice?

Most likely, the majority of these retirees are now living far below the standard of living they had when they were in paid employment.

This is serious!

The Problem With Many Retirement Courses

Many national and multinational companies in Nigeria try to help employees adjust to life after retirement by sending them for retirement courses about one or two years before they are due for retirement.

Those retirement training programs may have helped some future-oriented folks to make the necessary adjustments required to earn extra money during retirement to augment their pension payments.

Unfortunately, the poor state of thousands (even millions) of retirees around the country show that those retirement courses attended by these retirees prior to retirement did not do much to change the outcome they feared.

There are likely three reasons for this situation:

1. Many employees start retirement planning too close to when they are due for retirement

2. Many companies send their employees for retirement courses too close to when they are due for retirement and

3. Many retirement training programs are too theoretical in nature

Combine the above three factors and you will understand why millions of retirees are in serious financial mess.

Retirement Investment Training With
A Different Approach

This Nigeria retirement web site offers a different approach to preparing employees for retirement because the author and CEO of this retirement web site is a retiree himself.

Our approach is simple and straight forward.

We offer employees in Nigeria preparing for retirement entrepreneur training they can put to use right away.

We offer our retirement trainees:

1. Business ideas they can implement RIGHT NOW

2. Guidelines focused on helping them achieve employee to employer mind-set change so they can ignite the genius within them

3. Option of Piece-by-Piece training style whereby subscribers receive training modules in bits over a certain number of days so they do not get overwhelmed. This also gives participants sufficient time to digest the information and ruminate on it before the next bit arrives and

4. Steady education and mind-tuning so they can transition from the ideas that keep them trapped as employees, get out of their comfort zone and reach out for the noble goal of becoming founders and CEOs of their own businesses

Time To Choose - Which Do You Prefer To Be? Employee Or Employer?

The truth is this . . . founders and CEOs create amazing products that solve human problems, change the world and make the founders and CEOs plenty of money in the process.

Employees can either choose to remain "workers in another man's plantation" or opt to become the plantation owner and have others work for them.

The question is: "Which do you prefer? Employee or founder and CEO?"

If you prefer to become a founder and CEO and have other people work for you, then I recommend you take one or more of our entrepreneur training programs for employees in Nigeria.

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