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Retirement Stories – Learn From Other Retirees. Share Yours.

Tell Your Retirement Story. Inspire People Worldwide.

Retirement stories help employees create a mental picture of life after retirement.

You see, millions of working class people worldwide have exotic dreams of how wonderful life will be for them after retirement.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with entertaining retirement wishes that include picturing yourself in the best exotic locations and driving the best cars after retirement.

There is nothing wrong with hoping for the best for yourself and your family after retirement.

In fact, positive thinking is key to enjoying a happy working life as well as life after retirement.

That is the very reason why this premium retirement planning guide has included this retirement stories section where actual retirees can share their retirement life stories so employees worldwide can read those stories and adjust their retirement planning strategy accordingly.

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Retirement Life Stories - Preview The Future And Take Action!

The retirement life stories of actual retirees contained in this retirement planning web site give employees a preview of what life can be after retirement.

These real-life stories show case the good, the bad and the ugly.

You're likely to find stories of employees who retired and have had a wonderful retirement life.

You also are likely to find stories of employees who retired, had a great retirement life for awhile but then became disillusioned as things suddenly took a turn for the worst.

When you read the stories and meditate on them, you're likely to reach the conclusion that a wonderful retirement life is possible. And that YOU can achieve financial independence . . . and make all your dreams come true . . . even after retirement.

However, those beautiful retirement life dreams must be backed by concrete investment actions while you're still in paid employment.

Those concrete investment actions or decisions include:

. . . and a combination of any of the above.

Are you still in paid employment?

Read the retirement stories below and take necessary action to ensure you do not make the same retirement mistakes that those retirees made.

Are you a retiree?

Use the submission guidelines below to share your retirement life story.

Your story could inspire someone somewhere in the world to make better retirement planning choices and, thereby, avoid the pitfalls along the way.

Retirement Stories Submission Guidelines

Follow the submission guidelines below when posting your story so it will be approved by the admin to appear on this retirement planning web site.

1. The story you post here must be original. It must not be copied from anywhere else on the internet. Tell the story in your own words.

2. You can share your personal story or the story of any retiree you know. Please protect people's identity and do not reveal people's names (or confidential information) when posting stories about their retirement experiences.

3. Your story must be at least 400 words long

4. Do not include any links (or code) in your post. If you do, our software system will consider it as spam and it will be automatically deleted. Therefore, the admin will not even see it. So, it will not appear on this site.

5. Please make your story concise and straight to the point so visitors can enjoy reading your story

6. Do not post any story here that you have on your own web site or that you have already posted on another web site. That is considered duplicate content and it will be deleted.

Share Your Retirement Experience. It's FREE!

Use the simple form below to enter your story.

NOTE: Do not add any link or html code to your post. If you do, the system will flag it as spam and it will not appear on this site.

Retirement Stories Posted By Other Visitors

Click below to read retirement life stories posted by other visitors to this page.

Use the form above to share yours.

Stubborn Nigeria Wife Becomes A Real Estate Investing Billionaire Not rated yet
This is the story of a stubborn Nigeria wife who became stinking rich through real estate investing. Her name is Victoria Lawson. Mrs. Victoria Lawson …

Retirement Planning Failure - How A Retired Senior Manager Went Broke In 5 Years Not rated yet
My ex colleague once told me how his father (who was a senior manager with a national company before his retirement) went broke within 5 years of his retirement. …

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