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Retirement Planning Advice - Free Tips To Design Solid Retirement Strategy

Free retirement planning advice is available everywhere you look on the internet.

Unfortunately, a large percentage of people offering retirement advice are themselves employees in a financial services company or a consulting firm.

WoW! Employees teaching other employees about retirement!

Sure, there is nothing wrong with employees educating other employees. And, of course, there is something you can learn from listening to a wide variety of opinions.

Nevertheless, be mindful that theory is way different from practice.

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I am a self-made retiree giving retirement planning advice to employees. And I can tell you for free that how things looked when I was an employee seeking free retirement advice is not how they look today now that I am retired.

Therefore, I recommend you listen and listen good as you read the pages of this web site and take our retirement courses.

Yes, I am talking from the position of experience NOT theory.

The truth is . . . retirement is a tough beast to tame.

If you do not adequately prepare for it, if you do not have a solid retirement strategy, it may shock you and send you scrambling for help like a miserable person.

Retirement Advice - What Many Experts Fail
To Tell You

As an employee, you're coming from an environment where your salary is handed down to you month after month with no worries whether it will come or not. And because it's a sizable income, you plan your life around that income.

In effect, you have (to a large extent) what is called salary security (or income security).

Retirement professionals giving retirement planning advice to their course participants often over-emphasize on the need to save money for retirement.

That specific retirement advice is good because it seeks to replicate in retirement what the employee is already used to while in paid employment. That is, income security.

So, as a retiree, if you have enough money saved in your retirement savings account, you can then receive a monthly payment called pension after you retire. And the amount you are paid monthly will depend on the amount you have saved up in your retirement account.

Unfortunately, many retirement planning professionals fail to mention that the majority of people will not have enough money saved up in their retirement savings account to guaranteed a life of blissful enjoyment after retirement.

We can spend hours discussing the reasons why most employees do not have loads of cash in their retirement savings account by the time they retire. But that does not take away that reality.

Since the reality is that most employees' retirement savings account will not be loaded with cash after they retire, they must have a way to supplement the meagre pension they will earn after retirement.

Sadly, many retirement planning professionals do not prepare their retirement course participants for that inevitable reality.

The end result is that we have thousands (even millions) of retirees across the world who are broke and miserable within 5 to 10 years after retirement.

Retirement Planning Advice - Creating Multiple Streams of Income

I have a question for you. And the question is, "What usually happens when a person has all his eggs in one basket?"

I'm sure you know the answer.

Yes, he will lose all his eggs when the basket crashes.

Therefore, if you want to have a happy retirement, you need to go beyond just saving money for retirement.

You need to create multiple sources of income outside your day job.

As a retiree, your sources of income could include:

1. Income from your own business

2. Rental property income and

3. Dividends from stock investment

In my case, I chose a path to retirement that is not commonly taught by retirement planning professionals.

I favored entrepreneurship and investing in real estate over every thing else. And today, I am a self-made retiree who is financially independent.

I want you to experience the same kind of freedom I now enjoy after you retire. That is why I established this retirement planning web site to provide retirement planning advice for employees preparing for retirement.

Please take advantage of the resources available on this retirement advice web site to create a retirement plan that will ensure you're financially independent even after retirement.

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