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Best Network Marketing Opportunity - Earn Fat Retirement Income

The best network marketing opportunity is one that empower participants to create long-term passive income they can retire on.

Remember that the goal of retirement planning is to invest your earnings in such a way that your investments will provide the retirement income you need to pay all of your bills after retirement.

Consequently, this retirement planning guide have offered different ways to make that possible, which include:

  • Small business investing
  • Real estate investing
  • IPO investing 
  • Affiliate marketing and
  • Network marketing business opportunity

However, staking your hard earned money in a network marketing business opportunity is tricky (and considered unwise by many business experts) because most network marketing companies run foul of several mlm business rules established by the federal trade commission (FTC). And, hence, end up being shutdown within 5 to 15years of their operation.

This makes it risky to attempt to build a retirement plan based on the expected earnings from a network marketing business opportunity.

Nevertheless, it is doable.


By building your mlm business on the right foundation. And the right foundation for building a long-term mlm business that generates passive retirement income for you is to join the best network marketing opportunity.

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Criteria For Selecting The Best Network Marketing Opportunity

The best mlm company is not determined by the industry in which the company operate.

Yes, it is true that network marketing opportunities like real estate mlm opportunities offer a chance to earn fat cheques per sale. And, hence, participants can quickly earn fat cheques from this kind of mlm opportunity if they are really good at marketing.

Nevertheless, any company in any industry may qualify among the best mlm companies to work with.

The best mlm companies to work with is also not determined by the size of the company because the size of the company may not translate to the size of cash the company sends to your bank account every month.

So, what set of criteria can you use to choose from the hundreds of mlm companies out there?

Well, since you're concerned about long-term earnings and building a passive income system through network marketing, the best network network marketing opportunity to get involved with should be one that meets the following criteria:

1. The company must not break the Federal Trade Commission (FCT) rule on autoship. In fact, it is safer to participate in mlm opportunities (like the real estate mlm opportunity recommended on this site) where autoship is not mandatory. Companies that make autoship compulsory often create loopholes that eventually compel the FTC to classify them as illegal pyramid schemes down the road.

2. The company's compensation plan must focus on selling the company's products. It must also reward participants based on product sales and not on number of people recruited.

3. The product prices must be competitive so participants can reasonably make retail sales

4. The retail profit margin must be good so that participants can build a team of customers who return to buy again and again. Thereby building a team of loyal customers and good passive income.

5. The company's customer loyalty program must put customers first. Thereby making it easier to generate long-term income through repeat customer purchases.

6. The company must resist the urge to promote the lifestyles of successful mlm distributors as that does not reflect the true earnings of the average distributor. And, hence, can be interpreted as false income claims by the regulatory authorities.

7. The company must work extra hard to conduct its business by the rules of the FTC to maintain its classification as a genuine network marketing business and not as a ponzi scheme that should be squashed by the regulatory authorities

Choose The Right MLM Opportunity. Enjoy Passive Income For Life.

Partnering with the best network marketing opportunity could help you achieve your retirement income goals within 5 to 10years.

In fact, if you partner with the best mlm business opportunity, you don't have to worry about the FTC ever shutting down the company.

Consequently, you can massively invest in promoting the products or services of your chosen mlm company with full confidence that the company will still be there in another 50years or more. And when done right, you could create a passive income stream that could pay all of your retirement expenses (plus a little luxury) for as long as you live.

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