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Real Estate MLM Opportunity - Zero Startup Capital Business

Real estate mlm opportunity is a network marketing business opportunity built around property sale.

This particular real estate network marketing opportunity is a property mlm opportunity focused on Nigeria real estate.    

The product that is for sale is Nigeria property. That is, investment land and buildings within estates in Nigeria owned by Nigeria real estate development companies.

Why is this mlm opportunity a juicy network marketing business opportunity?

There are 5 key reasons:

1. This mlm opportunity has zero startup capital. You pay nothing to become a network marketing consultant for these real estate mlm companies.

2. This network marketing opportunity has zero monthly autoship requirement. Therefore, your monthly business inventory cost is zero.

3. You can participate in this Nigeria real estate mlm opportunity anywhere you live in Nigeria and anywhere you live in the world

4. Property is one of the most popular product in the world. Yes, everyone yearn to own a property of their own. So, you have ready customers everywhere if you decide to participate in this mlm business opportunity.

5. The commission per sale is huge because real estate is a high value item. Therefore, property mlm consultants stand a good chance to make good income if they really apply themselves to massively promoting the properties for sale by the network marketing companies they represent.

Real Estate MLM Opportunity - How Does It Work?

The real estate network marketing opportunity is pretty simple and straightforward.

The compensation plan is simple, straightforward and easy to understand .

The real estate mlm opportunity we promote pay its independent marketers (called real estate consultants) in four levels.

Level 1 commission is 15% of the price of the property bought by the customer referred by the consultant.

Level 2 commission is 5% of the price of the property bought by the customer referred by the consultant.

Level 3 commission is 3% of the price of the property bought by the customer referred by the consultant.

Level 4 commission is 2% of the price of the property bought by the customer referred by the consultant.

What does the different level of commission payment mean?

Let's explain.

Level 1 commission is the commission a consultant earns when a prospect he refers to the company buys property from the company.

Level 2 commission is the commission a consultant earns when the consultant he introduces this property mlm opportunity to makes a sale.

Level 3 commission is the commission a consultant earns when the consultant introduced to the business opportunity by the consultant he introduced makes a sale.

. . . and so on.

Level 1 commission is often referred to as direct commission while levels 2, 3 & 4 commissions are referred to as indirect commissions.

Zero Startup Capital. Zero Autoship Requirement.

Most mlm opportunities require their new network marketing distributors to buy one or more pack of products as part of the registration process. And new distributors must do this to be classified as registered distributors with the company.

Bottom line.

You must have capital to become an independent sales person or distributor for most mlm companies.

In addition, most mlm companies require all distributors to buy at least one pack of product every month to be classified as Active Distributors. This is called monthly "Autoship".

Distributors that do not buy their monthly autoship in any given month will be classified as "inactive" for that month. And inactive distributors do not qualify to earn commission even when they personally made a sale or when people in their team make sales.

Yes, you can lose your earnings in most mlm programs if you're not an active distributor.

Guess what.

This particular real estate mlm opportunity does not require any startup capital. That is, startup capital is ZERO.

More important, there is nothing like monthly autoship requirement. And there is nothing like inactive distributors.

This means that there is no upfront capital investment and there is no monthly expenses on company products simply to maintain "active" status.

All registered members of this network marketing opportunity are considered active. And registration is FREE.

As a registered member, you earn commission on all your sales and the sales of your team members any time they make sales.

No stories. No excuses.

This is a golden network marketing opportunity!

How Do You Join This Real Estate Network Marketing Business Opportunity?

It is pretty simple to register for this Nigeria real estate mlm opportunity.

Simply fill the form below to gain FREE ACCESS to download the business manual.

Read the mlm business manual to get more details about this real estate network marketing opportunity.

Then register using the registration links in the business manual.

It is completely FREE to join.

Fill the form below to get started.

Send Me The Business Manual

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