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Passive Income System - Put Your Retirement Income On Autopilot

A passive income system is a system that sends money to your bank account without you being actively involved in the day to day activities that generate the income.

Examples of passive income opportunities include:

  • Rental property income
  • Mutual funds income
  • Income from stock investing
  • Online affiliate marketing income (especially two-tier or multiple tier affiliate programs) and
  • Network marketing business opportunity

Income from rental property is a no-brainer.

All you have to do to earn passive income regularly from a rental property is to ensure you buy the rental property in a location that attracts good rental values and where people are interested in living.

This means that the property must be in a commercial city or near a commercial area within a city that attracts good rent and where there is a constant demand for accommodation.

Using a mutual fund as a passive income system is also a no-brainer.

Simply talk to financial experts in your city and they will educate you on the mutual funds that pay the best interest rates. And that have consistently delivered the best return for investors over the years.

The same applies to investing in the stock market as an individual investor.

Start by learning about the stock market you're interested in investing in.

Subscribe to niche stock investing newsletters and even attend stock investment training organised by accomplished stock investors in the stock market you're interested in.

In the words of Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the best seller "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", "It is not the investment that is risky but the investor".

Therefore, to avoid becoming a risky investor (and losing your money in the process), start by educating yourself about the passive income system you wish to invest in as part of your retirement planning strategy.

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Passive Income System - Affiliate Marketing And MLM Opportunity

Affiliate marketing and mlm opportunity (or network marketing business opportunity) are not investment opportunities like rental property, mutual funds and stock investing opportunities.

Instead, they are business opportunities.

A small business opportunity requires active participation of the business owner in the day to day running of the business. Hence, it cannot be labeled a passive income system.

However, when the small business opportunity is an online multi level affiliate marketing program (or a homebased network marketing opportunity), then it is possible for participants to earn passive income over time.

How is this possible?

It is because online multi level affiliate marketing programs (and online mlm opportunities) pay participants based on their sales performance and the sales performance of everyone in their team.

This means in practice that participants are paid based on . . .

  • Their personal sales
  • The sales of their direct recruits
  • The sales of the recruits of their recruits 
  • The sales of the recruits of their recruit's recruit

. . . and so on.

Up to the 4th level, 8th level, 10th level, 15th level or to infinity (as with binary compensation plans) . . . depending on the pay plan adopted by the specific mlm company.

In simple words . . . participants of network marketing business opportunities have opportunity to recruit large numbers of sales people into their team and earn commission based in their personal sales PLUS the sales of the large team they built with the particular mlm company they chose to partner with.

Team commissions based on team sales is the passive income system that mlm opportunities offer.

Smart employees who understand the power of leverage . . . that is, leveraging on the sales effort of your team to earn a fat commission month after month (even in months that you do not personally make a sale) . . . may choose to include network marketing business opportunity as part of their retirement planning strategy.

This retirement planning guide simply recommends that you take two things into consideration when adopting network marketing opportunity as part of your retirement planning strategy:

1. Make sure the mlm opportunity you decide to participate in operates by the general network marketing legal guidelines discussed on this site

2. Invest your earnings from your chosen mlm opportunity in investment for retirement opportunity that could grow your investment by as much as 25 times its initial value

Don't join a network marketing business opportunity because of success stories showcasing the flashy lifestyles of some successful network marketers in that particular company.

Understand that many mlm companies only tell half the story when publishing the stories of their top performers.

Besides, investing in flashy cars, clothes etc that depreciate in value over time actually amounts to accumulating liabilities not assets.

So, look before you leap. Choose right.

Your choice will determine whether you will have a stream of passive retirement income flowing into your bank account after you retire or not.

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