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Best Affiliate Marketing Program – How To Identify And Choose The best Referral Programs

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The best affiliate marketing program empowers proactive employees to generate additional sources of income outside of their paid employment while at the same time creating a system that will generate ongoing income for them even after retirement.

In simple words . . . when you choose to participate in online referral programs called affiliate marketing programs (or simply affiliate programs), you give yourself an opportunity to establish a system that helps you create an income source that can pay your bills even after you retire from your 8-5 day job.

Yes, participating in well-chosen affiliate or referral programs is a great way to earn extra income now and in the future!

But wait.

How do you determine the best affiliate marketing program to participate in?

Let's take a moment to review how to identify the best referral business (or affiliate programs) you should join.

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Characteristics of The Best Affiliate Marketing Program

A referral program can be classified among the best affiliate programs available if it meets the following criteria:

Criteria #1: The Affiliate Program Must Be Online

The first criteria is that the program must be an internet marketing affiliate program.

This means that the referral program must be available online.

The program must have a dedicated web page on the company's official website that explains what the program is all about.

The official affiliate program web page must also link to the terms and conditions web page of the affiliate program.

The terms of service page (or terms and conditions page) usually states clearly the responsibilities of the merchant to affiliates and vice versa.

Criteria #2: Affiliate Program Back Office With Referral Links And Promotional Items

The best affiliate marketing program provides a back office for affiliates.

The affiliate back office is a secure page on the merchant's website (or third-party managed revenue sharing site) where affiliates can login with their unique username and password and get access to their unique referral links and promotional materials (e.g. banner ads, specific product referral links etc).

The back office also shows the sales performance of each affiliate . . .

  • How many potential customers they have referred to the merchant
  • How much they have earned in the period under revenue
  • Their conversion ratio
  • The payment threshold and
  • When they will be paid

Online affiliate programs with back offices that offer detailed performance metrics allows for transparency and enable affiliates track the effectiveness of their promotions and make changes to grow their sales.

Criteria #3: The Size of The Commission

The primary goal of participating in online affiliate programs is to earn extra income to supplement the income from your day job.

The secondary goal is to build the income to the level where it can even surpass the income from your day job and help you retire early from the 8-5 rat race.

Consequently, the best affiliate marketing program is one that offers big commissions to affiliates.

For example, some digital products affiliate programs offer 50 percent commission to affiliates when they refer a sale.

If the digital product sells for $50 per unit and you refer a sale, you earn 50 percent of $50 as commission. That is, you earn $25 per sale you generate.

On the other hand, the portacabin affiliate program offers 5 percent commission per sale. And a 40 feet portacabin sells for about $14,500.

If you refer a customer to the portacabin company and he buys a 40 feet portacabin, you will earn 5 percent of $14,500 as commission. That is, you earn a commission of $723 for that particular sale.

Remember that you may need to spend money in advertising to generate sales for the merchant you represent.

Therefore, if the commission to be paid per sale is too small, you may find yourself unable to spend money in advertising because your advertising spend may exceed the commission you earned based on that particular sales promotion.

Bottom line.

The referral commission being offered by the merchant must be big enough for you to profit from being an affiliate of your preferred merchant.

Click HERE to learn about the real estate consultant and portacabin affiliate business opportunity.

Click here to learn about two tier affiliate programs . . . the fourth criteria for choosing the best affiliate program.

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FREE 7-Day E-Course: Rethink Retirement - 7 Tips To Escape The Rat Race And Retire Happy

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