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Working In Retirement - Free Tips To Get The Best Retirement Jobs

Working in retirement can either be fun or degrading, depending on the type of retirement jobs you get involved with.

But why would any retiree be interesting in working after retirement?

Isn't it every employee's dream to someday retire from the 8-5 grind called the rat race and live happily ever after?

Of course!

Unfortunately, that life of unlimited freedom and endless enjoyment after retirement from the 8-5 rat race only happens for a small group of retirees.

In reality, most employees who retire from paid employment after 35 to 40years suddenly discover that they either do not have enough money saved up or enough money invested in cash flowing assets to stay out of work for the rest of their retirement life.

Consequently, millions of retires worldwide are compelled to return to the labour market in search of whatever jobs are available for the elderly.

Yes, working in retirement have become the norm for retirees who failed to execute effective retirement planning strategy while they were still in paid employment.

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Working After Retirement - What Kind of Jobs Are Available For Retirees?

When employees work 35 to 40years for their employer and then retire, they are usually in their sixties.

Most of these retirees spent their entire working years focused on just the income from their day job.

Consequently, when they retire, they only have two sources of funds to pay their bills:

1. Their retirement payoff (or gratuity) from the organisation where they retired from and

2. Their monthly pension payment (where such provision exist)

Therefore, most retirees begin their retirement life by drawing up a retirement budget with the goal of cutting their expenses and living in such a way that their gratuity can last them for the rest of their retirement life.

Unfortunately, most retirees discover too late that money quickly run out when you're spending it daily, weekly, and monthly without adding to it.

Bottom line.

Most retirees become seriously broke and financially miserable in less than 10 years after retirement.

So, hundreds of retirees so affected step back into the labour market in search of jobs they can do to raise money to at least eat and pay some bills.

What kind of jobs are usually available for the elderly?

Well, in my part of the world, people attempt to help elderly people get a means of livelihood by offering them menial jobs like . . .

1. Gate men jobs (the guy who opens and close the gate for a property)

2. Security guard jobs (even though they actually do not have the strength to tackle unruly youngsters)

3. Janitor jobs

4. House maid jobs (especially to take care of children for working families)

5. Shop attendants

What a terrible way for a once financially prosperous man (or woman) to spend his or her retirement life!

Working In Retirement - Make The Right Choices Today To Avoid A Miserable Retirement Life

There are millions of other retirees who are working in retirement but who are not subjected to the humiliation of holding retirement jobs like the ones described above.

The truth is . . . working in retirement can be fun if you're the founder and CEO of the company you're working for.

Here's what I mean.

The founder and CEO of this retirement planning guide ( and the parent company (Erimama Investment Company Limited) is Samson Itoje, a retiree from the 8-5 rat race.

Samson Itoje worked for 12years in a multinational company before he stepped aside to become founder and CEO of his own company.

In simple words . . . Samson Itoje is retired from the 8-5 rat race but he is still working in retirement as the CEO of his own limited liability company.

As CEO, he has complete control of his time and schedule. And he determines the direction of the company.

He is a job creator. He employs people to work for him to achieve the growth agenda for his company.

Yes, Samson Itoje is retired from the daily grind of the 8-5 rat race and having great fun doing what he loves.

You can too!

Bottom line.

As a retiree, you can go in search of retirement jobs where you're paid peanuts and "dictated to" like a slave or you can make the best retirement investments while still in paid employment and then profit from the cash flow from those investments after you retire.

This means that your financial status (and the quality of your life) after retirement depends entirely on what you do with your salary while you're still in paid employment.

Small business investing gives you an opportunity to create a corporation (or limited liability company) just like your employer did and get people working hard to make money for you just as you're working hard making money for your current employer.

Don't want to spend your old age doing menial retirement jobs?

Want a retirement life where people you employ work tirelessly day and night sending money daily into your bank account?

If your answer is Yes, then do exactly as our CEO, Samson Itoje, did.

Start up a small business using the training provided in the book, "Retire Wealthy - The Hidden Street To Build Unlimited Wealth".

Investing profitably in a small business while still in paid employment is one of the best route to financial independence after retirement.

When you do that effectively, then working in retirement will be fun.

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