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Business Web Site Development – Website Design Service For Companies

Get A Professional Business Website For Your Company

We provide business web site development services for companies in Nigeria, Africa and worldwide.

Your company can take advantage of our business website design and content writing services anywhere you do business in the world.

What do we offer?

The website design, hosting and content writing package we offer includes the following:

1. A domain name for your business

2. Hosting for unlimited pages of your website

3. Free templates for creating your business website

4. A brainstorm tool for determining what potential customers use to search online for information regarding your business

5. Easy to use website builder so your staff member can continue to update the company's website (or even add new pages) after we have setup the website

6. A website blueprint showing different search terms (or keywords) potential customers use to search for info related to what you offer

7. 20 keyword-focused website pages created from the list of search terms (or keywords) in the website blueprint created for your website

8. 5 to 10 product or service pages with information about the product or services your company sells. This also includes "contact us" and "About Us" pages showcasing your company's contact information and information about the directors and senior executives of your company.

9. Submission of your website to Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines

10. Setup of your business website newsletter (so you can capture potential customer details and keep it touch)

11. 1-year subscription to SBI! (the online business software we use to build your website)

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Business Web Site Development - We Use A Globally Recognised Software For Your Website

The website design and hosting platform we use for our business web site development service is called Solo Build It! (or SBI!)

SBI! is a globally recognised all-in-one site-brainstorming, site-hosting, site-building and site marketing web-based platform that empowers individuals and businesses to create keyword-focused, search engine friendly websites that get found by potential customers.

Our web site design, hosting and content writing service provides internet presence for product and service companies who want to use the internet to connect with more potential customers and grow their sales.

Want to reach more potential customers with a consistent product or service marketing message and improve conversion ratio?

Want your product or service message available online to potential customers 24/7?

Then buy our business web site design and content writing package.

Website Design, Hosting And Content Writing: Price And Purchase Information

What does our website design, hosting and content writing service cost?

Just $5,350 USD (or 1.95 million Naira).

How do you buy our business website design and content writing service?

Simply fill the form below to purchase our service.

Buy Web Site Design & Content Writing

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