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Best Stock Investments - 3 Strategies To Turn Stock Trading To Retirement Wealth

What we recommend as the best stock investments to buy while still in paid employment is stock investments that have the potential to generate massive wealth for you over the next 10 - 15years from today.

Why do we recommend that you thread this path when investing in the stock market as an individual?

The reason is because of the investment goal we encourage proactive employees to strive for.

The investment goal for every smart and future-oriented employee should be to create sources of income outside his paid employment that can generate cash flow for him long-term . . . before and after retirement.

Since that is the goal, the best stock investments are those with the potential to create the cash flow you need to replace your salary.

In fact, you should strive to locate and investment in stocks that allow you to become a multi-millionaire after retirement purely from your stock trading activities.

I'm talking about generating massive retirement wealth from stock trading!

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Income From Stock Trading - Invest With Retirement Wealth In Mind

This retirement planning guide recommends that you invest in individual stock trading with retirement wealth in mind because that is what is required for you to enjoy financial independence after retirement.

Wait. How exactly do you do that?

Simply implement the strategy described below:

Strategy #1: Think Long-term. Invest Long-term

The best stock investments are investments in individual stocks of companies with the potential for massive growth over the long-term.

Therefore, when thinking of investing in the stocks of a company, pause for a moment and ask yourself, "Will this company still be around and doing well in the next 20 years?"

"If I invest $100 today in this stock, is that amount likely to grow to $127,000 in 15years?"

If the answer is a resounding "YES!", it means that you're convinced that the company will deliver an average of a whopping 40 percent return on your investment year on year for the next 15years.

Therefore, if you decide to target substantial retirement wealth from this particular company (and take a leap of faith) and invest $10,000 today, that $10,000 could grow to about 12.7 million dollars in 15 years . . . if the company truly delivers 40 percent return on your investment year on year for 15years.

Get the point?

Do you see the importance of investing long-term in the best stock investments?

Strategy #2: Target Low Priced Stocks Listed In A Credible Stock Exchange

We recommend that you target investing in low-priced stocks listed in credible stock exchanges in your country of choice.

Why low-priced stocks?

The simple reason is because low-priced stocks have the greatest potential to skyrocket in value when the company consistently does well over a long period of time.

So, ensure your individual stock trading investments target low-priced shares listed in a credible and time-tested stock exchange.

You can thank us later.

Strategy #3: Target manufacturing stocks

Our top recommendation for best stock investments is that you target low-priced stocks in the manufacturing sector.

Why do with trust the manufacturing sector so much?

Well, manufacturing companies tend to have the potential to become massive international companies when they manufacture, market and sell products that meet the needs of consumers nationally.

In addition, when a particular manufacturing company has a growth agenda of going multinational and, hence, constantly in-tune with developing new markets overseas, investors can be sure of eventual massive leap in share value of the company.

Therefore, do the following when targeting manufacturing stocks:

1. Search for a manufacturing company with high quality products and national presence

2. Ensure the company is known for ethical best practices and unique focus on customer satisfaction

3. Search for online reviews of the company, its products, product efficacies, customer satisfaction rating and its processes for handling complaints

4. Search for manufacturing companies listed that meet the above 3 criteria and that are listed in the stock exchange

5. Target the ones with low priced stocks and that have delivered consistent growth in sales volume and profits over the last 5years

Stay Focused On The Best Stock Investments

Many individual stock investors focus on short-term gains and boast to friends and family when they achieve quick gains from the stock market over a period of 6months to 1year.

Their boasts can get you tempted to try their approach. No problem if you decide to follow in their footsteps.

What you do with your money is entirely up to you.

However, we recommend that you stick with the long-term investment approach to stock investing if you're concerned more about creating wealth for yourself over the next 15 to 20years so that you can have plenty of money at your disposal during your retirement years.

This is the guaranteed path to long-term wealth and achieving financial freedom after retirement.

Other Ways To Create Retirement Wealth:

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