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Residential Real Estate Investing Nigeria - Buy Land In Gated Estates

Residential real estate investing simply means focusing your real estate investing efforts on buying property in residential areas.

The truth is that more than 70 percent of the properties in any given state are residential property. And residential real estate tends to develop faster than commercial real estate.

Another thing to remember is that commercial real estate tends to be more expensive than residential real estate.

Even in estates with mixed uses . . . that is, residential estates that have a section of commercial property included in it . . . the price per plot in the commercial property section is much higher than that of the residential section.

In fact, in many mixed residential estates, investors pay as much as 25% more for land in the commercial section of the estate.

Bottom line.

If you're thinking of acquiring as many plots of investment land as possible while still in paid employment, this retirement planning web site recommends that you focus on residential real estate investing.

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Make Residential Real Estate Investing A Priority. Buy 12 To 36 Plots of Investment Land.

This retirement planning guide has explained again and again why it is important for employees to start planning early for retirement.

The truth is . . . the years roll by pretty fast when you're having fun. And before you know it, retirement is upon you.

Therefore, we recommend that you start saving money towards your retirement early in your career.

More important, don't just store up that money in your retirement savings account to gather dust. And don't settle for the 1 to 3% interest your bank pays on your savings account.

If you really want to retire rich, we recommend that you invest your retirement savings in buying 12 to 36 plots of investment land in a private gated estate in Nigeria and hold on to that investment for another 15 to 20years.

You can decide to spread your risk by buy the 36 plots of investment land in three separate residential estates (that is, 12 plots per estate). And ensure you use the services of a property investment company so they can guide you to invest in gated estates in locations that has potential for high return on investment.

When you adopt this kind of residential real estate investing strategy, you're bound to retire wealthy.

Use Your Salary And Access To Loans To Create More Wealth For Yourself

One of the benefits of having a day job is that you have a consistent monthly salary.

The second benefit is that you have good line of credit as most banks are willing to give loans (personal or mortgage loan) to employees who work for standard national and multi-national companies.

Please do not use these access to capital to acquire liabilities (like multiple cars and multiple TV sets) that depreciate in value with time.

Instead buy 12 to 36 plots of investment land (or more) in credible residential estates in Nigeria.

This massive investment in landed property will provide the cash you need to retire wealthy and happy.

Do not delay. Start investing today.

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