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Real Estate Investing Strategy – Best Property Investment Strategy To Retire Wealthy

The real estate investing strategy you adopt will determine whether you will retire wealthy or retire broke.

It is true that real estate has created more billionaires worldwide than any other industry.

However, if you look around you, you will notice that most retirees who are home owners (and who do not have any other retirement income other than their pension) are usually broke within 5 to 10years of being retired.

How come they are broke after retirement when they actually invested in real estate while they were still in paid employment?

How come they are broke when they are actually home owners?

Simple. They adopted a real estate investing strategy that that was not focused on helping them retire wealthy.

The truth is this . . . the property investment strategy you adopt when choosing to invest in real estate can either help you retire rich or make you retire average.

Want to retire wealthy?

Then adopt the property investment strategy taught by this premium retirement planning guide.

Retirement Income From Property - The Rental Income Approach

One of the first things you will notice about many retirees who are property owners is that they live in the apartment or bungalow they own.

Living in the property you own may save you from embarrassment from landlords but does not provide the cash you need to pay your bills after retirement.

Some other retirees are a step ahead. They own a bungalow with two apartments. They live in one of the apartments and rent out the second apartment.

This sure is better than just owning an apartment you live in and that does not generate income for you. But rental income from just one apartment you own is not sufficient to pay all your bills after you retirement.

Ideally, the most profitable real estate investing strategy will be to own 10 to 20 (or more) rental apartments that generate rental income for you every year.

For example, if you own 20 rental apartments that each earn $12,000 per year, the 20 rental apartments will earn you $240,000 per year, which is much more than what most people need to enjoy a comfortable retirement life.

Unfortunately, while it is desirable to buy as many as 10 to 20 rental apartments while still in paid employment, there are certain obstacles that make this approach impractical for most employees.

First, most employees do not have the resources to achieve that feat.

Majority of employees are mid-level to low income earners. Saving enough money to buy one or two apartments during their working years is a huge challenge.

Therefore, asking them to acquire 10 to 20 apartments during their working years is next to impossible.

Second, rental apartments in locations that will generate the kind of income they need to retire on will require huge capital outlay, which most employees do not have.

Bottom line.

Rental property investing is profitable and empowers rental property investors to generate passive retirement income they need to enjoy a financially free retirement.

However, most employees do not have the resources to buy the number of rental properties they need to make that dream a reality.

The Best Real Estate Investing Strategy - How To Retire Rich With Real Estate

So, what is the best real estate investing strategy for most employees?

This retirement planning guide recommends that employees should invest in buying investment land and hold that land for at least 10 to 15years to benefit from the long-term growth in the value of real estate in the location they invested in.

Why is this a better property investment strategy for a lot of employees?

This is a better investment approach for proactive employees because of three key reasons:

1. Land prices are often lower than rental property prices

2. Buying low priced land allows proactive employees to invest RIGHT NOW with what they already have saved up instead of waiting to save for years to be able to buy just one expensive rental property

3. Buying investment land empowers employees to invest in a would-be expensive neighbourhood at low price and watch their investment grow over time into a premium high-priced property

In summary, the best real estate investing strategy for proactive employees (and smart business people) is to plan to buy 12 to 36 residential investment plots of land within gated estates owned by reliable real estate investment companies.

This specific property investment strategy empowers proactive employees to build their investment land portfolio to the point where they can retire wealthy and enjoy financial independence after retirement.

For example, suppose you buy 20 plots of investment land TODAY in a residential estate at $6,756 per plot. The 20 plots of land will be worth $135,120.

Suppose for a moment that this residential estate delivers a steady growth in investment of 25% per year and you decide to hold the plots for 15years.

In 15years, each plot will be worth $505,614. And the 20 plots of land you both within the residential estate will be worth $10,112,280.

That is about 10.1 million U.S. dollars or 74 times its initial value.


Can you retire on that amount of money?

Of course!

What if you have more cash at your disposal and decided to buy 40 plots of investment land instead of 20?

Sure, your land investment will be worth about 20.2 million dolars in 15years.

This is by far the best real estate investing strategy for wealthy retirement!

Want to retire wealthy?

Start by buying 6, 12, or 20 plots of land right now. And then sit back and watch your money grow year after year.

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