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Property Investment Business - Earn Retirement Income From Real Estate

Starting a property investment business empowers you to become a self-made millionaire (even a multi-millionaire) by the time you're due for retirement.

Unfortunately, millions of employees worldwide miss the several opportunities available to them to invest in real estate. And end up with financial crisis within 5 to 10years after retirement.

You need to do things differently if you want to enjoy financial independence after retirement.

You need to take real estate investing business seriously if you want to have massive cash available to you to spend after you retire from your day job.

The truth is this . . . employees of national and multi-national companies who pay reasonably fair monthly salary to their employees have a unique advantage.

1. They have a steady salary, which allows them to save money for retirement every month, if they are determined to do so.

2. They have opportunity to apply for and receive investment property loan based on the reputation of the company they work for

Why do majority of employees retire without owning a property (or owning just the apartment they live in) even though they have access to more investment capital than the average individual without a paid job?

There are two key reasons:

First, most employees confuse property investment business with being a home owner.

What is the difference?

A home owner is an individual who owns a home whereas a property investment business owner is someone (or a group of individuals) who invest in property for the sole purpose of generating long-term income through real estate investing.

In simple words . . . proactive employees who want to retire wealthy must view real estate investing as a business not just a means to own a property they can live in to avoid the insults of nasty landlords.

When proactive employees view property investing as a business that can help them escape the 8 to 5 rat race and retire happy and prosperous, they look for creative ways to buy multiple investment properties that empower them to achieve financial freedom before and after retirement.

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Property Investment Business Versus Small Business Investing

The second reason why majority of employees do not invest massively in real estate is because a large percentage of these employees do not see real estate investing as a business.

Consequently, they decide to first invest their retirement savings in a business venture. And later invest the profit from the business into buying the property of their dream.

This was the position held by Peter (mentioned in the previous article in this series which explained the benefits of real estate investing business).

So, what happened to Peter?

As explained in the previous article, Peter chose to invest in a small business and thereafter channel the profits from the small business into buying his dream property.

Peter loved computers.

So, he decided to start a computer school.

Peter had great plans for the computer school. So, he rented a 3 bedroom apartment on a major expressway with the hope of attracting huge patronage for the school.

Unfortunately, things didn't work out as planned.

Students didn't troop in for registration as he hoped. And so, the revenue from the school was far less than was expected.

In fact, Peter discovered that he had to take part of his monthly salary to foot part of the bill incurred by the school just to keep the school in business.

To cut a long story short, Peter eventually had to shut down the computer school after four consecutive years of losses.

That was sometime between 2003 and 2007.

When Peter sat down to calculate how much he spent on the school project over the 4year period, he was shocked to discover that about $70,000 had gone down the drain through the computer business.

Now stop and think.

What if Peter had chosen to invest in property investment business in 2003 instead of venturing into small business investing?

With $70,000 invested in real estate over a 4year period, Peter would have been able to acquire at least four apartments.

With four apartments at initial value of $70,000 and 25% return on investment per year, Peter's real estate investment would have been worth about $1,200,000 in 10years.

Wait. What is Peter's investment in computers worth in 2017, 10years after?


Yes, Peter shut down his computer business after four years of struggle and lost his entire investment.

Get the point?

Small business investing is riskier than property investment business.

Real estate investing business is a low risk and low maintenance business.

So, take real estate investing business seriously!

How To Start A Real Estate Investing Business

How do you start a real estate investing business?

1. Attend the real estate investing seminar to fully grasp the concept of real estate investing

2. Buy investment property through the best real estate agent

3. Get more investment property loans to buy even more property

4. Keep buying more property and hold them in your portfolio at least until you are due for retirement

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