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The best real estate agent to engage when buying investment property is a real estate consultant or agent that deeply understands the value of real estate investing and how it can make you a multi-millionaire by the time you're ready to retire from your day job.

The truth is . . . proactive employees preparing for retirement want to accomplish two things:

1. They want to save money for retirement and

2. Invest those savings in assets that can multiply their investment to 3 to 5 times its value (or more) by the time they are ready to retire.

What investment opportunity can compel an employee to save large sums of money? And what investment opportunity can ensure that the large sum of money saved (and then invested) will deliver that kind of return on investment with minimal annual maintenance cost?

The investment opportunity that can meet the above two criteria is real estate investment opportunity.

In particular, land investment opportunities . . . especially for low income earners and other property investors who seek to acquire multiple plots of low cost land in order to retire wealthy.

However, in order for that dream to come true, you need to engage the services of the best real estate agent.

What does that mean?

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Problems With Real Estate Consultants

The majority of real estate consultants want the best for their real estate customers.

However, as with every other profession, the real estate industry has its fair share of shady realtors or dubious real estate agents.

A shady or dubious real estate agent is mainly concerned about the commission he is going to get from the transaction and not the best interest of his clients.

For example, some shady real estate consultants sometimes go ahead and connive with home owners to unduly increase the price of a property so as to increase the size of their commission cheque.

Other quack real estate agents, though not deliberately dubious, often give real estate investing advice that lead to substantial loss of revenue to their clients.

For example, one quack realtor told his client that it was okay to buy committed land if the government has not developed the land after a period of 20years.

His position was that not developing the land for a period of 20years meant that the government has forgotten about the land and that members of the public could buy the land and develop it without government interference.

That advice is completely wrong. And any potential investor who buys a committed land based on that advice is likely to experience a 100% loss when the government eventually takes over the land in the future.

Bottom line.

Engaging the services of a dubious (or quack) real estate agent can lead to 100% loss of your property investment (or significantly reduce the returns on your real estate investment).

Therefore, this premium retirement planning guide recommends that you work with the best real estate agent in any given real estate sector in order to achieve the goal of getting the highest returns possible on your property investment.

Best Real Estate Consultant - Criteria For Selection

So, what is the criteria for choosing the best realtor to engage when buying investment property?

Use the following criteria:

Criteria #1: Engage A Seasoned Realtor

The first obvious criteria for choosing the best real estate agent to engage when buying investment property is this: The real estate agent must be knowledgeable about real estate investing.

This is actually common sense.

You want to use the services of a real estate consultant who knows much more about real estate investing than you do so that you can get the best real estate investing advice possible.

Criteria #2: Engage A Realtor That Has Network Within The Specific City

We recommend that you use the services of a real estate agent that has operations within the city where you wish to invest or that at least partners with practicing real estate agents with network within the city.

Real-life on-ground presence of the estate agent (or members of his network of agents) will ensure that you get practical property investing advice that will ensure you invest correctly and earn the highest possible return on your investment.

Best Real Estate Agent Selection Criteria #3: Reliability And Trustworthiness

As mentioned above, the real estate industry has its fair share of dubious professionals who want to make a quick buck and disappear.

Therefore, the best real estate agent to engage is one that . . .

  • Has in-depth knowledge of profitable real estate investing strategies
  • Understands how to help real estate clients secure the best deals in the specific city where they wish to invest and 
  • Is trustworthy and reliable

The above third criteria . . . trustworthiness and reliability of the realtor . . . is key to achieving your dreams of long-term investment in real estate to secure your financial independence after retirement.

Is there a real estate agent in Nigeria that meets this criteria?

Of course!

We highly recommend you engage the services of Samson Itoje and his real estate company, Erimama Investment Company Limited.

Samson Itoje is a seasoned real estate agent in Nigeria.

He is the author of this retirement planning guide (, which has an entire section dedicated to real estate investing advice.

Samson Itoje is also the CEO of Erimama Investment Company Limited . . . a Nigeria real estate investment company focused on helping individuals invest in land investment opportunities in Nigeria so they can acquire multiple plots of investment land that have the potential to make them multi-millionaires by the time they are ready for retirement.

Want to work with the best real estate agent in Nigeria to get the highest possible return on your investment?

Click HERE to contact Samson Itoje and his team of real estate consultants.

Click HERE to view our portfolio of land for sale in Lagos with certificate of Occupancy.

Click HERE to view our land for sale in Lagos with gazette land title.

Click HERE to view our low cost land for sale in Lagos.

P.S: Call Samson Itoje on 07086459367 or 08033290430 to book a one-on-one meeting with him. He will share with you a simple strategy that can help you buy a property and get as much as 20 times your initial investment.

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