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Passive Investment Income - Opportunity To Earn Money Easily

Passive Income Creation Guide. Make Money While You Sleep!

Passive investment income opportunities are investment opportunities that allow you to earn money without actually participating in the activities that generate the income you are paid.

For example, if you invest your hard earned money into the best stock investments, you will see a gradual growth in the value of your stock investment without participating in any of the production or service activities of the companies whose stocks you have invested in.

A second example of passive income creation opportunity is the IPO investing opportunity.

Investors who invest in initial public offers of privately held companies going public earn passive investment income because often the share price of many of these companies jump substantially immediately after the public offer.

Guess what.

Over time the price of these stocks continue to rise as the new public companies deliver steady growth in annual sales and profit year on year to their investors.

In this second case, as in the case of that mentioned above, the individual investor does not participate in any of the company activities that shape public perception about the value of the company, which results in the growth of the share price of the company.

In addition, the individual investors of these companies do not get involved in the day to day running of the companies neither do they participate in any of the supply chain or sales and marketing activities that go into manufacturing, distributing and selling the products manufactured by the companies he or she has invested in.

Yes, the individual stock investor literally earns money while he or she sleeps!

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Other Passive Income Creation Opportunities

The two examples of passive investment income mentioned above come from investing in stocks using two different approaches.

But are stock investing opportunities the only passive investment opportunities available?

Of course, not.

Other opportunities that allow you earn passive income include:

  • Rental property investment opportunities
  • Two tier affiliate program opportunities
  • Mutual fund investment opportunities
  • Private lender opportunities
  • Genuine and legal home based network marketing opportunities

Passive Investment Income - The Best Retirement Income Opportunity

Remember . . . passive income is money you earn without any EXTRA effort on your part or participating in the activities that generate the income paid to you.

In practice . . . this means that you simply stake your hard earned money in a particular passive income creation opportunity and you earn returns on your investment based on how well the investment performs.

Now compare this with the dilemma millions of employees face after retirement.

  • First, they reach retirement age and are told their time is up
  • Second, their monthly salary stops coming and they have to depend on their pension payment
  • Third, for most people the pension payment is less than 30 percent of what they used to earn when they were in paid employment
  • Fourth, many employees begin to spend their retirement savings in addition to the meagre pension they receive monthly
  • Fifth, most employees become broke within 5 to 10years after retirement
  • Sixth, the broke retirees begin to depend on their relatives for financial support
  • Seventh, relatives may begin to encroach on their freedoms. Yes, as they say, "He who pays the piper dictate the tune".
  • Eight, most broke retirees are forced to live in government run retirement homes . . . also known as old people's homes . . . (or become homeless) as their relatives often no longer wish to carry the financial burden of these elderly retirees in addition to theirs

The above is the cycle that happens to most employees after retirement.

Quick question: Do you think retirees who earn huge passive investment income after retirement end up in government programs?

Of course, not!

Bottom line.

If your freedom is important to you, your retirement planning strategy must include investments in some form of passive income creation opportunities. And the more of such investments you have, the better for you.

When you earn significant amount of money from your investments after you retire, you enjoy financial independence and have a happy retirement life.

Our recommendation?

Invest in money making opportunities that help you earn passive income right now . . .  while you're still in paid employment . . . and into the future when you're retired.

This is a must if you want to have lots of money at your disposal after retirement.

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