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Make Big Money Online - Free Tips To Earn Big Income From Internet Business

You can make big money online.

You can create an online business and rake in big income working from home . . . and without disrupting your day job.

How is it possible?

You can accomplish this using the following 5-step process:

1. Brainstorm within yourself to determine the product category you're passionate about

2. Search for reliable manufacturers of the product online and offline

3. Sort the manufacturers you find according to . . .

(a) Product quality

(b) Company reliability

(c) Willingness to work with independent marketers or affiliates and

(d) The size of the commission they pay to independent marketers (or affiliates) who send them customers

4. Establish a relationship with your chosen company

5. Start promoting the company's products on the internet to enable you make big money online from the sales of the company's products

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Product Price And Commission Payout

Manufacturers (or merchants) that offer independent marketers an opportunity to promote their products for a share of the revenue often state their commission payout to affiliates or independent marketers in percentage.

For example, a product manufacturer may offer affiliates (or independent marketers) 5% commission on purchases by customers they refer to the company.

Since affiliate commissions are stated in percentages, the higher the price of the item, the bigger the commission you will earn per sale.

Also, the higher the price of the item and the higher the commission, the more money you will have sent to your bank account for every sale you make.

Bottom line.

Want to make big money online?

Want to retire wealthy?

Stop promoting products that pay peanuts. Go for high ticket products. Go for high priced products with big commission per sale.

Let's take a quick example to drive the point home.

Suppose you promote products that sell for $10,000 per unit.

Suppose too that the commission per sale is 10 percent of the product price.

In this case, you will earn $1,000 for every sale you make.

Yes, earning $1000 per sale is much better than earning $5 per sale.

Bottom line.

Selling a high value product has two key benefits:

1. The size of the potential earnings from the business encourages you to devote more money towards product advertising because you know you can recoup your expenses (and make profit) from the sales generated from your ads and

2. You give yourself an opportunity to make big money online once you perfect your online marketing strategy and establish a way to get a steady stream of potential customers to the merchant

In simple words . . . earning fat income from online business starts with identifying a product or service that pays big money and then becoming a high performing independent marketer for the company that owns the product or service.

Two Opportunities To Make Big Money Online

We offer two opportunities for making big money online to save you the trouble of searching endlessly on the internet.

The first is our portable cabins affiliate program while the second is our real estate mlm income opportunity.

Let's start with the first.

Income Opportunity #1: Portable Cabins Affiliate Program

The portable cabins manufacturing division of Erimama Investment Company Limited (the owners of this retirement planning web site), builds and delivers portable cabins to customers anywhere they are required within Nigeria.

The portable cabins are used as:

  • Office buildings
  • Telecom shelters
  • Employee accommodation
  • Event halls
  • Mobile toilets
  • Residential buildings
  • School buildings
  • Hospital / Clinic buildings

. . . and for whatever other purposes they are required by the customer.

Some portable cabins sell for as low as $8,600 (and a customer may buy several units of that) while one of our event building design sells for as high as $148,000 U.S. dollars.

Guess what.

Our portacabin affiliates earn 5 percent of the sale price whenever the refer a paying customer to us.

Yes, if you refer a customer who buys a portable building valued at $148,000 U.S. dollars, you will get 5% of that as your commission.

That is a whooping $7,400 per sale!

That is the kind of product you should be promoting on the internet to make big money online!

Read more about our portable cabin affiliate program at . . .

Copy the link above and paste it in a new browser window. Then click the ENTER button on your keyboard to access the page and read more about our portable cabin affiliate program.

Income Opportunity #2: Real Estate MLM Opportunity

Real estate is big business.

More important, real estate is a high value item.

Therefore, when you join a real estate income opportunity that pay commission in two-digit percent, then you're sure to make big money online if you master the art of getting real estate customers online and offline.

Guess what.

The real estate income opportunity we recommend pay as high as 15 percent commission per sale.

In addition, this real estate income opportunity uses the network marketing business model to pay its independent marketers (called consultants) in four levels.

This means that you earn commission on the purchases by customers you refer to the business and customers referred to the company by other consultants you introduced this business opportunity to.

Yes, you earn in four different ways with this real estate mlm opportunity.

Bottom line.

This is one of the best way to make big money online!

Click here to learn more about this real estate mlm opportunity and how to participate.

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