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Best Retirement Plans Nigeria - Free Tips To Enjoy Financial Independence After Retirement

The best retirement plans in Nigeria are retirement planning strategies that guarantee your financial independence after your working life.

Why do I say that?

It is because the biggest problem employees face after they retire is lack of sufficient cash to pay all of their bills.

Unfortunately, most employees in Nigeria do not spend enough time planning their retirement income.

In fact, some of the most popular searches in Google are about . . .

  • Retirement parties
  • Retirement Letters
  • Retirement locations
  • Retirement budget and
  • Retirement jobs

Now pause for a moment and meditate on the list above.

What does the above tell you about the mindset of most workers and their retirement planning strategy?

From the above list of popular searches in Google it is obvious that millions of employees worldwide are pre-occupied with . . .

1. Having a good showing at their retirement parties and

2. Continuing to work after exceeding the mandatory retirement age

The best retirement plans recognise that retiring from one day job to start working at another day job in your sixties is the recipe for financial disaster after retirement.

If you truly want to enjoy your retirement years, you shouldn't be planning how to keep passing your CV around (looking for work) when you're over 60.

Instead, at that age, people should be submitting their CV to the HR department of your self-established company.

Yes, the best retirement plans for Nigeria workers are retirement planning strategy that seeks to elevate you from an employee in the 8 to 5 rat race to founder and CEO of your own profitable company.

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The Best Retirement Plans - Diversified Retirement Income Anywhere You Live In Nigeria

This premium Nigeria retirement planning guide recommends that your retirement planning strategy should be focused on two things if you want to retire wealthy and financially independent.

1. Focus on developing a business idea that will generate profit for you month after month and

2. Focus on acquiring land investments that will grow steadily in value over time with minimum maintenance cost

A retirement planning strategy that focuses on this dual track is the best retirement plans you should invest in anywhere you live in Nigeria.

This does not mean you cannot have fun while still in paid employment.

Of course, you should have fun and enjoy the company of your friends and family. But keep your retirement investments clearly focused on your mind.

Keep on saving money for retirement. And take advantage of our real estate investing opportunity.

Also take small business investing seriously because small business investing is one of the path to guaranteed retirement income if you take time to learn from successful business people.

You may choose to test the waters with a low startup cost (and low maintenance cost) affiliate marketing program to introduce yourself to the world of entrepreneurship.

Bottom line.

A paid job provides you access to capital in the form of . . .

1. Your monthly salary

2. Opportunity to obtain personal loans from commercial banks

3. Opportunity to obtain mortgage loans from commercial or mortgage banks

4. Opportunity to obtain loans from employee funded cooperative society (if your company operates one, as many Nigerian companies do)

These opportunities to access capital will all become unavailable to you once you retire.

Therefore, the smart thing to do is to use these sources of capital to amass wealth for yourself while you're still in paid employment.

Use cash from these sources of capital for investment for retirement that will multiply your initial investment by as much as 20 times.

Also deplore cash from these sources of capital to start a small business that will generate monthly income for you before and after retirement.

This is the best retirement strategy to achieve financial independence before and after retirement, anywhere you live in Nigeria.

Take action now and retire wealthy.

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