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Buying Investment Property - Free Tips To Buy Your First Property

A substantial number of employees understand the importance of buying investment property.

Unfortunately, a lot of employees are yet to buy their first property even after working for many years.

When asked if they know the value of real estate investing, most reply in the affirmative.

"Of course, I do. The problem is how to raise the cash to buy my dream property".

You would think that such complaints about not having enough funds to invest in real estate is limited to low income earners.

Sadly, that is not often the case.

We have observed that complaints about lack of funds for buying investment property is common among middle level and senior level employees just as much as it is common among low income earners.

Here's the shocking part.

There are a substantial number of middle and senior level managers who have been in paid employment for up to 10 years and, yet, still do not have a property of their own.

On the other hand, we found many low income earners who were able to purchase their first property within 10 to 15 years of being in paid employment.

So, what's the difference?

Why are employees earning more money not necessarily the ones who own more property?

There are two key reasons, which we will discuss below.

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Failure To Invest Reason #1: Misplaced priorities

Lower level employees who earn far less money often have a bigger drive to acquire real estate . . . and sooner . . . because they tend to suffer more from hard hearted landlords in poor neighbourhoods than their rich colleagues who live in more respectable neighbourhoods.

Many middle and senior level managers often live comfortable lives and put off real estate investing to a later time.

Want to own multiple investment properties that will pay you retirement income after you retire?

Then set your priorities right.

Decide TODAY to make buying investment property . . . and lots of it . . . your priority.

Failure To Invest Reason #2: Chasing Your Dream Property

Many employees have wonderful dreams of how they will buy lovely, exotic houses in the heart of town.

However, in reality, they do not have the financial capability to achieve that dream within 10 years.

Yes, they may be middle level or senior level managers. But their salary cannot yet support the capital requirement for acquiring the kind of properties they dream of owning.

They know they cannot achieve that dream for now. So, they promise themselves that they will keep saving for it until they can achieve that dream.

Guess what.

Many employees discover much later that they have worked for up to 20 years without acquiring one single property.

In fact, a good number of employees work for 35 to 40 years and retire without ever investing in real estate.

WoW! That is disastrous for their retirement life! That sure will lead to poverty after retirement!

Bottom line.

This premium retirement planning guide has one tip for buying investment property for you: Buy the property you can afford now.

Stop chasing shadows. Stop chasing a dream that may or may not come true.

Use the funds you have now to purchase the property you can afford today.

Buying Investment Property - The Path To Success

The real estate investing philosophy that results in employees acquiring several investment properties while still in paid employment is one that recognises that property values grow over time. And that the sooner you invest . . . and the more of these investment properties you purchase during your working years . . . the greater your level of financial success after retirement.

Therefore, it is more profitable to buy several low cost investment properties in multiple locations instead of waiting for when you will have the huge capital outlay to buy a single exotic in one location.

The truth is . . . time passes by pretty quickly. So, do not delay investing in real estate.

Make real estate investing a priority starting TODAY. This is a sure way to secure your financial independence after retirement.

Wait. Where do you get the funds for buying investment property that can help you achieve financial success even after retirement?

What investment property financing options are available?

The investment property loan section discusses this subject in detail.

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