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Investment Plots of Land For Sale In Lagos Nigeria

Available Land For Sale And Financing Options

We offer investment plots of land for sale in Lagos Nigeria, West Africa.

There are three categories of land for sale:

1. Land for sale with C of O title document

2. Land for sale with gazette title document

3. Low cost land for sale with excision in process title

Click the links above to view the land for sale directory for each of the different categories.

The first thing you will notice about the different categories of land investment opportunities in the three land categories listed above is price.

Plots of land for sale with excision in process title are low priced land while investment plots of land with certificate of occupancy (C of O) are high end premium title lands.

In simple words . . . investment land with C of O title are more expensive than land with gazette and excision in process title documents.

Bottom line.

We provide land investment opportunities for both high end land investors and land investors who are low income earners.

Click the links above to access the different categories of investment plots of land for sale in Lagos and invest accordingly.

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Land Investment As Reliable Retirement Investment

This retirement planning guide recommends land investment as one of the key retirement investment opportunity that proactive employees should consider investing in.


This is because land investments offer at least four key benefits:

1. Land investment is a secure investment when you do due diligence and use the services of a seasoned real estate agent when buying land

2. Land investments require very minimal maintenance to retain their value. Maintenance cost per year is minimal or even zero for certain years.

3. The value of land investments grow over time. In fact, some areas that were formally considered to be remote, out-of-town areas have eventually grown to become bustling cities. And that change in status has resulted in skyrocketing land prices, which has made many land investors in those areas multi-millionaires.

4. Buying multiple investment plots of land while still in paid employment can create massive wealth for you when you're retirement and no longer have a monthly salary

Bottom line.

If you truly desire financial independence after retirement, ensure you invest in multiple plots of land while still in paid employment.

More important, hold those plots of land for at least 10 to 20 years so that you can benefit from the growth in land prices as the locations you invested in grow from scantily populated suburbs to bustling cities or satellite towns.

Yes, your land investments can make you a multi-millionaire retiree!

Financing Investment Plots of Land

Now that you understand the important of buying investment plots of land for sale (and lots of it), how do you finance these land investments?

One smart way to access other people's money in financing your land investment is to apply for investment property loan.

Unfortunately, many commercial banks in my country do not offer real estate investment loans for land investments. And those who do, prefer to finance land for sale with certificate of occupancy (c of o).

This is a big challenge for low income earners who cannot afford land for sale with c of o. Or who can afford land with C of O but prefer to buy multiple plots of land in developing neighbourhoods without C of o in order to take advantage of low entry prices and earn high return on their investment.

So, how do you finance buying investment land without a mortgage loan?

There are two options available to you:

1. Use your personal savings

2. Apply for a personal loan issued against your monthly salary

Buying land with just your personal savings limits the number of plots of land you can buy because, generally, most people have trouble saving large amounts of money. Even if you're great at saving, a bank loan will always be bigger that whatever amount you can save from your salary.

This retirement planning web site recommends you use a personal bank loan to finance investment land purchases in cases where you cannot get a mortgage loan for land investments.

A personal bank loan usually have a repayment period of about 4 years. And you can always apply for another loan once you have finished paying the first loan.

If you use this financing method over a period of 12 to 20 years, you would have received between 3 to 5 loans, which would help you amass vast amount of investment land you can retire on.

Do not miss this opportunity to invest in multiple plots of land and secure your retirement income.

Click HERE to view list of land for sale in Lagos with C of O

Click HERE to view list of land for sale in Lagos with gazette

Click HERE to view list of Low cost land for sale with excision in process title

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