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Estates For Sale Lagos Nigeria - Land For Sale In Premium Estates

The best location to buy land is within estates for sale.

Click HERE to see list of estates in Lagos where we have land for sale.

Land for sale within estates in Lagos Nigeria have some unique benefits.

First, estates are usually owned by real estate development companies. Therefore, they often have good and verifiable title documents.

Second, properties within estates have good perceptive value among potential investors.

This means that buyers are usually willing to pay more for properties within estates compared to similar properties within the same location but outside the estate.

Therefore, you can be sure of getting premium price for the property if you decide to sell the property any time in the future.

Third, land within estates for sale tend to appreciate in value faster than land within the same location but outside the estate community.

The key reason for this is because gated estates managed by real estate companies often have . . .

  • Greater security
  • Better utilities management
  • Better cooperation among residents

. . . and, generally, high profile residents.

No wonder properties within gated estates command premium price!

Bottom line.

This retirement planning guide recommends that proactive employees (and smart individual investors) should invest in properties within estates so they can get the highest possible return on their investment.

Guess what.

The best time to buy land within estates for sale is when the estate is newly launched and before prices start skyrocketing.

Yes, buy into new developing estates today while prices are still low. And earn great returns on your investment.

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Real Estate Price Increases That Can Make You A Multi-Millionaire

Some potential real estate investors wonder, "How fast can my real estate investment grow?"

Well, consider the following two real-life examples.

Price Increase Example #1: Westwood Estate Phase 2, Sangotedo, Ajah, Lagos.

Westwood Estate Phase 2 is located in Sangotedo, Ajah, Lagos state Nigeria.

A plot of land in Westwood estate phase 2 was 8.4 million Naira (about $22,700) in February 2016.

By February 2017, the price had risen to 13 million Naira (about $35,135).

That is a 54 percent price growth in 12 months.

Guess what.

The estate sold out in February 2017 . . . after just 2 years of the real estate company launching the estate.

That is a great buy for people who were fortunate to invest in the estate before it sold out.

Price Increase Example #2: Green Island Estate, Ibeju lekki, Lagos.

Green Island Estate was launched by the real estate development company that owns the estate sometime around March 2017.

The price per plot of land within the estate at the time it launched was 2 million Naira (about $5,400).

By February 2018, the price has increased to 3 million Naira per plot (about $8,100).

That is, 50 percent growth in price within just 1year of its launch.

Bottom line.

Buy investment land within gated estates in the commercial city of Lagos, especially in the Ibeju Lekki axis of Lagos state Nigeria and be assured of steady growth in your real estate investment.

Estates For Sale - Land Investment Opportunity

We encourage you to take advantage of the investment land we have for sale in prime developing estates in Ibeju Lekki Lagos and secure your retirement income.

Remember . . . land within our estates usually sell out within two years of their launch.

So, do not delay. Don't wait to invest.

Invest with what you have right now. Then sit back and watch your money grow.

Click HERE to view some of the estates in our portfolio you can invest in right now to get the best possible return on your investment.

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