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Creative Real Estate Investing – Free Tips To Own Multiple Property Investments

You need to adopt creative real estate investing strategies if you want to own multiple property investments at retirement.


Simple. Nothing good comes easy.

Yes, as they say, "good things come to those who wait but only things left by those who hustled".

So, if you truly desire a fun-filled retirement life where you don't have to worry about money anymore, then you must set the stage for that to happen.


Start by making a decision TODAY to invest in multiple income generating properties throughout your entire working years.

The truth is . . . when you own multiple income generating properties, you automatically have financial security during your retirement life.

But how do you own multiple income generating properties when you're not a senior company executive?

You do so through creative real estate investing.

Wait. What does that even mean?

This retirement planning guide defines creative real estate investing as the process of exploring all legitimate processes available to a potential investor to secure financing for multiple income generating properties while still in paid employment.

Remember . . . access to real estate investment capital become tougher (or even non-existent) when you're retired and no longer receiving steady monthly income from your employer.

Therefore, the time to invest creatively in real estate is now when you're still in paid employment and earning consistent monthly salary.

Yes, creative real estate investing is about unconventional, creative ways of accessing capital and using that capital to invest in income generating properties.

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Raising Real Estate Investing Capital Through Unconventional Means

The conventional means to access real estate investment capital is through commercial banks and mortgage institutions.

Those options for accessing capital are still open to you.

However, if you wish to access additional capital to take advantage of property investing opportunities as they pop up, you will need to find additional ways to access capital.

What additional (even unconventional) ways are available to access capital for real estate investments?

Let's consider two examples.

Creative Real Estate Investing Strategy #1: Cooperative Societies

Cooperative societies can provide a huge leverage for employees to access real estate financing at exceptionally low interest rate.

How do these workplace cooperative societies work?

First, forward-thinking employees come together to set up the employee cooperative society. Then they develop a constitution stating the goals (mission and vision) of the cooperative society. Membership is often voluntary but all members must abide by the rules of the society to remain members.

Second, the terms for member contributions and qualifications to obtain loans from the society are set out clearly in the constitution.

Participating in workplace cooperative societies have two key benefits:

1. Some workplace cooperative societies have operating guidelines that allow members to apply for and obtain as much as twice the amount they have in their savings account with the society

2. Since workplace cooperative societies are set up with the active cooperation of the company, members of the society cannot default on their loan repayment obligations to the cooperative society because those repayment amounts are deducted directly from source. That is, deducted by the company's accounting department from the affected member's salary before paying their salary (whatever is left of it) to the affected member's salary account.

This is one creative real estate investing strategy you must participate in if you need cheap real estate investing capital.

If you work for a big company that does not have a workplace cooperative society, it is time you bring the attention of the leaders of your workers union to this very important matter.

Creative Property Investing Strategy #2: Small Business Owners Association

The cooperative society concept discussed above has also been adopted by many small business owners to raise capital for growing their small businesses.

These cooperative societies are often called Small business owners associations.

How do you access property investment capital through a small business owners association when you're not a small business owner?

Simple. Become a small business owner!

Here's the truth.

Being broke after retirement can break your spirit.

It is disheartening to see once vibrant and "wealthy" employees disintegrate into desperate and disheveled old men after 10 to 15 years of retirement.

Yes, being broke after retirement is not pretty!

Therefore, proactive employees must do everything legitimate to ensure they do not become dead broke after retirement.

Guess what.

One of the path to guaranteed retirement income is through small business investing.

When you invest in a small business while still in paid employment, you give yourself an opportunity to become founder and CEO of your own company. And that company can grow and grow in sales and profit to eventually be able to pay you salary for life.

In addition to the benefit of owning a small business mentioned above, you also get an opportunity to join any small business owner association of your choice and get access to their low interest business loans for members.

Now combine real estate investing with small business investing and you end up with a monthly retirement income that will allow you to live wealthy even after retirement.

Want to retire wealthy?


Adopt the creative real estate investing strategy as discussed above.

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