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Best Land Investment Strategy - The Secret To Earn More Money From Buying Land

The best land investment strategy is the strategy that allows you to earn the most money from your land investments.

Remember . . . the reason this retirement planning guide recommends investing in land for proactive employees is to help them take advantage of the expected growth in land values over time. And the growth in the value of their land investments will then provide the funds they need to enjoy financial freedom after retirement.

To achieve this goal, employees thinking of investing in landed property as part of their retirement planning strategy must adopt what we call the best land investment strategy.

This land investment strategy consist of the following elements:

1. Buy Low Priced Land: Buy land in a developing neighbourhood where prices are still relatively low

2. Decide to invest long-term: Buy land and hold for up to 10 to 15 years (or more) to benefit from the leap in land prices that often occur when a developing neighbourhood begins to develop faster after, say, 5 to 7 years of slow price growth

3. Target better return on your investment: Buy property in a location that has potential for better return on your investment not just locations that are close to where your friends or relatives also bought (or currently live)

4. Do what is necessary to protect your land investment so that it will be available for you after, say, another 10 to 20 years of your working life

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Land Investments - Locations With Potential For High Return On Your Investment

As mentioned above, the best land investment are investments in areas where the vacant land bought has the greatest potential for high return on investment.

So, the next obvious question will be, "what areas generally has potential for high return on land investment?"

Below are the top 3 areas that often command a high return on investment over time.

High Return On Investment Location #1: Properties Within Gated Estates

Properties within gated estates (or communities) and managed by a real estate company often have potential for higher return on investment.


Simple. These type of estates have higher perceptive value in the eyes of potential investors looking to invest in real estate.

What that means in practice is this . . . potential investors are willing to pay more money to buy a property within a gated estate managed by a real estate company than for properties outside the estate but within the same neighbourhood.

The reason is because properties within gated estates managed by real estate companies are often:

  • Better organised
  • Have greater levels of security
  • Have standardised processes for waste disposal, electricity, utilities management etc
  • Have greater level of cohesion and collaboration between members of the state and
  • Have steady growth in property values

Bottom line.

Buying land in gated estates managed by real estate companies is one of the best land investment decision you could make as an employee investing for retirement.

Best Land Investment Location #2: Locations with government and Private Sector Investments

Another factor that affects the value of properties and, hence, the return on investment on those properties is the presence of government and private sector investments in the area.

Huge government and private sector investments in an area results in more jobs being available in the area. And more jobs mean more people.

Consequently, the best land investment is buying land in gated estates within locations that have proposed government and private sector investments.

Why proposed?

Well, when you buy land in an area where there are proposed government and private sector projects, plots of land within the area will still be very cheap compared to what they will become after the proposed projects are built and operational.

Therefore, the idea is to buy when prices of land are still cheap in the area (that is, before the proposed projects are built and become operational) and then reap massive growth in property prices when the government and private sector projects become operational in the affected locations.

Invest Today! Enjoy Massive Return On Investment When You Retire!

Imagine for a moment that you successfully identify an area with proposed massive government and private sector investment in the future and you quickly buy land in that area.

What would happen?

Initially, the price of the land you bought will rise slowly because large scale projects by the government (and even the private sector) take years to materialise.

But when you look at the growth in price of the land you bought after 10 years, you will be amazed at the new market price.

Guess what.

By the time the proposed series of government (or private sector) projects become 100 percent operational after, say, 8 to 15 years, the value of your land investment will be jaw-dropping.

Yes, the property you bought for that pretty low price could become a multi-million dollar property after 15 to 20 years!

Lagos Nigeria Lekki Free Trade Zone

There is no doubt about it.

The best land investment is investment in land within gated estates in an area with potential for high return on investment such as an area with proposed massive government and private sector investments.

The Lagos Nigeria Lekki Free Trade Zone presents such an opportunity for employees to invest in land and enjoy a high return on their investment in the future.

The Lagos Lekki free trade zone is situated in the Ibeju Lekki area of Lagos State, Nigeria.

The Lekki free trade zone boost of projects such as:

  • Dangote Refinery (the largest private refinery in Africa), which is currently under construction
  • The Lagos deep sea port
  • The new Lagos airport
  • The Dangote fertilizer company

. . . and tens of other private sector projects currently under construction.

Interested in buying land in the Lagos Nigeria Lekki free trade zone?

Click HERE to see list of land for sale in Lagos

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