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Get More Clients And Make More Sales With Our Facebook Messenger Marketing And Advertising Software

Facebook Virtual Assistant Software

We are developers of Facebook messenger virtual assistant software in Nigeria.

This messenger virtual assistant program empowers businesses to launch corporate instant messaging software for their businesses at low cost.

The messenger virtual assistant app is also called Facebook messenger marketing and advertising software.

But what does the term  "messenger virtual assistant" mean?

Let me explain.

The term messenger virtual assistant means that this messenger software application is built on the popular Facebook messenger app, which means the virtual assistant app works on anyone's phone who already has Facebook messenger installed.

Therefore, there is no need for users to download any software into their phones to be able to use the corporate messenger virtual assistant software we build for businesses.

The business instant messaging software works on every device that already has Facebook messenger installed.

This is huge!

This means small and big businesses in Nigeria and Africa can take advantage of the about 1.2 billion active users of Facebook messenger to grow their business.

Yes, implementing this messenger virtual assistant software could be a game changer for your business!

Messenger Instant Messaging Software - How It Benefits Businesses

Facebook messenger virtual assistant program is also called Facebook instant messaging software.

You may wonder, "What is the value of this instant messaging software application to businesses?"

This software application serves two purposes when it is deployed by a business.

First, it enables businesses to provide . . .

  • Instant replies to enquiries made by people who contact their business
  • Educate prospects and customers with respect to their products and services
  • Increase customer retention
  • Increase conversion rate and
  • Increase sales

Second, this corporate messenger instant messaging software enables businesses to advertise to the over 1.2 billion active users of Facebook messenger. This process is called messenger advertising.

The entire process of using Facebook messenger virtual assistant for customer service operations as well as sales and marketing is called Facebook messenger marketing while the lead generation part is called messenger advertising.

Bottom line.

You want to be able to convert more of your existing leads to customers, right?

You also want to get more leads for your business and make more sales, right?

Of course!

Where are you likely to find those leads and at low cost per acquisition?

Yes, in Facebook messenger!

Thousands (even millions) of people in your target market are in messenger right now. You just need a way to reach them automatically and convert them to paying customers.

How can your business reach them automatically?

Answer . . . order a messenger virtual assistant app from us right away and let us implement it for your business.

Facebook messenger virtual assistant software empowers businesses to boost sales and make more money because of its conversational nature.

The messenger instant messaging software (also called messenger instant reply software) is so effective because it is real-time, personalised conversational selling with built-in automatic feedback loop.

Get Messenger Virtual Assistant Software For Your Business Right Here In Nigeria

You may wonder, "Is there a reliable messenger marketing and advertising software provider in Nigeria?"

The answer is YES.

We are a reliable messenger instant messaging software developer in Nigeria. Our name is Erimama Investment Company Limited.

Our messenger virtual assistant app help businesses in Nigeria and Africa deploy software to automate customer service, marketing and sales operations.

If you're serious about increasing sales, you should definitely order our messenger virtual assistant software for your business.

Since you're new to the world of messenger virtual assistants, you may still have doubts whether it can really help you grow sales.

Facebook Messenger Marketing Guide

We understand your concerns. That is why we have put together a short messenger marketing guide, which shows you different business challenges (challenges that limit sales) that your business can solve with messenger virtual assistant software.

This messenger marketing manual is titled, "Messenger Marketing Guide - How To Make More Sales Using Facebook Messenger Automatic Virtual Assistant"

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