High Yield Investment Nigeria - Grow Your Money Faster And Retire Rich

The key benefit of high yield investment is that it allows you to grow your money faster.

Guess what.

The faster you grow your money, the richer you will become when you are due for retirement.

Therefore, as a forward-thinking and proactive employee, your priority should be to invest a substantial part of your salary in assets that can deliver the highest possible return on the capital you invested in buying the asset.

Assets (or money market opportunities) that have a high percentage of return on investment are called high yield investment opportunities.

Now the big question: "What kind of assets (or investment opportunities) can be referred to as high yield opportunities?"

They are assets or investment opportunities that deliver anywhere between 20 to 30% (or more) return on investment year on year.

Comparing Return On Investment For Different Options

The majority of workers are novices when it comes to investing. Hence, they are often afraid to invest for fear of losing their money.

Consequently, most simply save money for retirement by setting aside a part of their salary in a dedicated retirement savings account.

High Yield Investment Nigeria

Can the money you leave in a retirement savings account in a Nigeria bank grow over time?

Yes. Unfortunately, it will grow only by about 3 percent per year.

Most workers agree that 3 percent growth per year is damn too small. So, some of them try to improve the situation by putting part of their savings in a fixed deposit account.

A fixed deposit account will grow your money by about 5 percent per year. That is still too small if you want to retire wealthy.

Wait. What about mutual funds investment?

Mutual funds investment has potential to deliver average of 9 to 11 percent return on investment year on year.

11 percent return on investment year on year is certainly better than 3% or 5%.

However, here is the stark reality . . . few people actually become rich or retire wealthy through mutual funds investment.

The majority of rich people became rich by investing in high yield investment opportunities with minimum risk.

The question is . . . do you actually want to retire rich?

If your answer is YES, then you need to invest in a high yield investment opportunity that can deliver 20 to 30 percent return on investment (or more) year on year.

Nigeria High Yield Investment Opportunity

What investment opportunity in Nigeria has proven to deliver the best possible return on investment for Nigeria investors over the years?

It is investment in Lagos Nigeria real estate.

Bottom line.

If you want to retire rich in Nigeria, buy at least 12 to 36 plots of investment land in high profile gated estates in Lagos state, Nigeria.

This is the open secret that has helped countless employees to retire wealthy in Nigeria.

Lekki Phase 1 Estate Lagos - A Case Study

A plot of land in Lekki Phase 1 estate Lagos was sold for 50,000 Naira in 1997.

Today, in 2018, that same plot of land sells for about 100 million Naira.

This means that same plot of land in Lekki Phase 1 estate Lagos now sells for about 2000 times the amount it sold for 21 years ago.

Imagine that you have just 6 plots of land in this estate today and you're about to retire. Your net worth will be about 600 million Naira.

Can a man worth 600 million Naira be considered poor?

No way!

High Yield Investment Opportunities Nigeria

Invest TODAY! Retire Rich!

You probably missed the opportunity to invest in Lekki Phase 1 estate Lagos when the price was low.

The good news is . . . an investment opportunity similar to Lekki Phase 1 estate has opened up once more in Lagos.

I highly recommend you buy into this land investment opportunity RIGHT NOW so you can position yourself to retire rich.

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